WWE News: Update On Why The Rock Ended Up Working With The Wyatt Family At ‘WrestleMania 32’

The Rock made his return to WWE this past Sunday at WrestleMania 32. He had a grand entrance, where he used a flamethrower and everything. It was a first, but one I think we all knew would happen eventually. Come on, this is the WWE. Heat has been on various talent, Vince McMahon loves “firing” people, too, so the trickle down effect would eventually go to this. Regardless of the flames, Rock being back was cool to see.

Rock was used to inform the crowd of the WWE breaking their attendance record. While they did not really get over 100,000 people in AT&T Stadium on Sunday as they claimed, they did beat their record legitimately. This was good to see for WWE who may have not given fans a terrific WrestleMania overall, but did give us some memorable moments. One such moment is in debate however, and that truly is The Rock’s segment.

According to Daily Wrestling News, The Rock had been given a few ideas for his segment. At one point, he was going to do multiple segments, but it was changed down to one. One idea thrown around was having him do something with The New Day. This did not happen, and the reason being rumored was that Rock wanted to work with another young act instead of picking up right where he left off with New Day.

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Plus New Day are babyfaces now, when at the time they were working heel during their segment with The Rock. That meant Rock picking up where he left off would not have made a lot of sense for current storylines.

Apparently, The Rock really wanted to work with Bray Wyatt for some time now. Due to Wyatt nursing a back injury, WWE did not put him in a big match at WrestleMania this year, which was sad to see. When Luke Harper went down just before Mania, plans got shifted around. Originally, The Wyatts were going to interfere in the Brock Lesnar/Dean Ambrose match. This very well could have changed the winner around and everything. It may have even made the match and finish to it far better.

However, Harper going down did change things and the angle with The Rock came up. WWE obviously ended up going with it, which also allowed for John Cena to have a run-in to be part of the show. Cena had been rumored for other things during the night himself. It seems Harper’s injury had a larger role than even he knew.

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Regardless, Wyatt is known for his work with legends, and it made sense for him to run into The Rock at some point. Bray did say that he will meet Brock Lesnar down the line, which very well could be at WWE SummerSlam later this year. WWE has teased this a few times, and it would have been even better if they had a role in Lesnar’s WrestleMania match, but that just did not happen, sadly.

As for why The Wyatt Family went down so easy to The Rock and John Cena at WrestleMania, there is really no good reason given for it, other than the fact that WWE wanted to have The Rock’s segment be a big part of the show. They basically needed the Wyatts to take the role of the “villains going down to the heroes.” While it did not look good for the Wyatt Family, WrestleMania is known for being made to cater to just as many casual fans as hardcore ones. Due to The Rock being a big name among both, he had to go over well in a segment for the event.

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