Brenda Delgado: Woman Charged With Plotting Murder Of Dr. Kendra Hatcher Makes FBI 10 Most Wanted List

The FBI announced on Wednesday that Brenda Delgado, a woman charged with plotting the murder of a prominent Dallas dentist, was officially placed on the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List.

WFAA ABC reports that Delgado, 33, was the mastermind behind the September 2, 2015, murder of Dr. Kendra Hatcher. Delgado, the ex-girlfriend of Hatcher’s boyfriend, “was involved in the planning and the commission” of the “murder-for-hire” of Hatcher, according to Maj. Max Geron of Dallas’ violent crime section.

(Photo by the FBI)

Kristopher Love, 31, was arrested for carrying out the murder on Hatcher. The dentist was found lifeless from a single gunshot wound, in the garage of the Gables Park 17 apartment building. Crystal Cortes, 23, was also arrested for conspiring to earn $500 by driving Love to the scene in a Jeep Cherokee.

According to an announcement by the U.S. Attorney’s Office last year, Love spotted Hatcher in the parking garage, and jumped out of the Jeep while Cortes sat in the driver’s seat. Cortes said she heard one gunshot before Love got back into the Jeep, holding two purses. Cortes immediately drove away. She said while zooming away from the crime scene, Love threatened her that if she told anyone, he would harm her 6-year-old son.

Kristopher Love is charged with the murder of Dallas dentist, Kendra Hatcher. (Photo by Dallas County Sheriff's Department)

A $100,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of Delgado. Dallas police arrested Delgado on outstanding traffic tickets shortly after the murder, and even questioned her about the crime, but without enough evidence to hold her, they ultimately let her go. While being held, Delgado confessed that she gave Cortes the keys to the Jeep, but said she knew nothing about the murder.

Many sources told authorities that Delgado fled to Mexico after being released from jail, but Mexican Consul General Sergio Hayakawa says she hasn’t been arrested because authorities don’t know what part of Mexico she’s hiding in.

“I don’t know why she hasn’t been arrested. I don’t know if they know exactly where she is at.”

Yet Dallas detectives were heard in a recorded conversation saying that they indeed knew where Delgado was and would arrest her “when it’s time.” Weeks after the conversation, recorded by Cortes’ brother, Delgado still remains missing. The FBI has now taken over. Hayakawa stated that the FBI is working with Mexican officials to find Delgado and bring her in.

“Between Mexico and U.S. we have a lot of international cooperation in these cases.”

The senseless murder of the successful Dallas dentist apparently happened after Delgado became jealous when her former boyfriend, a dermatologist, began dating Hatcher. She’s accused of plotting out the details of the crime after she learned her ex-boyfriend was flying to San Francisco to meet Hatcher’s parents.


Dallas Police Deputy Chief Robert Sherwin stated that the evidence against Delgado is enough to arrest her on conspiring and arranging the details of the the murder.

“The evidence against Brenda Delgado has been gathered, the case has been filed by our detectives, a grand jury has indicted her, and a warrant has been issued for her arrest. What is left to do is to bring her to justice and have her answer for this crime that shocked our community.”

Delgado is a Mexican national and speaks both English and Spanish fluently. She’s the ninth female to be placed on the Most Wanted list since 1950, and she’s considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with any information about Brenda Delgado should contact their local FBI office immediately, or contact the closest American Embassy or Consulate.

[Photo by Dallas County Sheriff’s Department]