Facebook Opens Subscription Payment System To All Developers

Zynga has been testing the new Facebook subscription payment system for the last six weeks and now the world’s largest social network has opened the program up to all of its developers.

Using the new subscription service developers can enable a sign up program in which a recurring subscription fee is charged to customers who continue to use the developers various games and other apps. The program charges customers in their local currency rather than through virtual credits.

While customers were more than willing to purchase Facebook credits for games research has suggested that developers can tap a bigger market by offering “premium experiences” and updated content that can be subscribed too with actual currency.

Electronista gives the following example:

“Playdom’s Garden of Time offers a $15 subscription featuring in-game perks such as exclusive items and 70 gold, replenished each month, along with early access to new content.”

If successful Facebook could finally have found a new method for boosting ad revenue is a fairly stagnant ad market which the social network already dominates. After launching its disaster riddled IPO investors have been focusing on Facebook’s revenue more than ever.

Much like the Google Play and App Stores the social network will take a 30 percent cut of all sales.

Payments will be made available via PayPal and credit card and developers will be given the option to offer free trials.

Facebook users can cancel their subscriptions from within the Facebook payment system or within a cancel option found inside of apps that will soon be released.