Svetlana Batukova: Russian Woman Allegedly Murders Husband, Feeds Body Parts To Their Pet Dog

Svetlana Batukova, a Russian-born woman living with her husband at the posh Spanish resort town of Cala Millor in Majorca, has been arrested on charges of the brutal murder of her husband, the New York Post reports. Svetlana is accused of butchering her German national husband, a man identified as Horst Hans Henkels, at their home and feeding strips of flesh from his body to their pet dog.

Horst Henkels
Horst Henkels, the man who was killed by Svetlana his body parts fed to the couple's pet dog

According to a report by The Local, Svetlana is a well-known animal lover in the region and was known to post pictures of herself with her pet animals on social media websites. Officials investigating the murder say that Svetlana “carved up her husband’s arm down to the bone” and then fed the pieces of flesh to her pet dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier. Meanwhile, an autopsy conducted on the body of Horst Henkels revealed that he bled to death after being repeatedly stabbed with a kitchen knife.

After allegedly killing her husband and feeding bits of his flesh to her pet dog, Batukova waited for more than 48 hours before she called the cops. When the cops reached their home, she was seen standing next to her 66-year-old husband’s body which was lying in a large pool of blood. According to investigating authorities, there were no signs of any defensive wounds on the body of her victim, leading them to believe that Henkels was most probably drugged before he was killed. They also figured out that Henkels recently had undergone a surgery on his trachea which had rendered the elderly man speechless. Svetlana was also known to the cops as a self-confessed cocaine addict who had access to drugs. Svetlana Batukova was also reportedly drunk when she was arrested.

Svetlana Batukova with her dog
Svetlana Batukova seen with her dog who police say was fed body parts of her own husband

While Svetlana has not admitted to have killed her husband, on Monday, she appeared at a local court for a closed-door hearing. She was informed that she would be facing murder charges. Authorities are still investigating what led to the killing of Henkels whom Svetlana was married to for less than two months. The couple were, however, living together for more than two years.

The couple were known to the cops because they had on several occasions intervened when the fights between them gained violent proportions. Authorities investigating the case also say that Svetlana had approached a man in a bar to hire him to kill her husband. She was allegedly ready to pay $57,000 to murder her husband, the Daily Star reports. However, the deal did not go through and in the end, she decided to take the matter into her own hand.

Contrary to her unhappy marital life, Svetlana was very outgoing and outspoken on her social media accounts. She had shared several photos of herself with her pets on Facebook. Here is another photo of Svetlana, again from her Facebook account.

Svetlana and her dog
Another photo of Svetlana and her pet dog, posted on her Facebook account

We will update this story with more information as and when we receive further updates.

[Images via Facebook]