'Flying Humanoid Alien' Sighted Over Phoenix: Alien Astronaut Lands In Spacesuit, UFO Bloggers Claim Bizarrely [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

UFO and alien hunters have made one of the most bizarre UFO claims ever after viewing a UFO sighting video that emerged online recently. According to conspiracy theorists, a short clip submitted recently to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) shows a "flying humanoid alien" dressed in a spacesuit over Phoenix in Arizona. The "alien" appeared to be landing from space.

According to an unnamed witness in a report filed in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database as Case 75606, the sighting occurred while he was riding a mountain bike on Javelina Trail, South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, on April 2, 2016.

What caught the witness's attention at first was the size of the mysterious UFO. It appeared to be a large, heavy, and solid object, shaped like an upright cylinder with appendages dangling from the lower end.

The UFO drifted in the sky in an easterly course, losing altitude as it drifted along.

The witness observed the mysterious UFO for about a minute, during which he snapped a photo and shot a fifteen-second video. Then he biked hurriedly further down the trail to secure a position affording a better view of the mysterious UFO. When he was satisfied he had found a better position from which to view the UFO, he stropped, observed, and filmed it for another one minute.

He eventually lost sight of the object after viewing it continuously for about a minute. The witness expressed regret that he was unable to locate the spot at which the UFO eventually landed. He said he was hampered by the fact that it was twilight. By the time the object disappeared beyond the horizon, visibility had diminished greatly.

But he estimated that he viewed the object from a distance of about 2 miles and that its height was about 30-50 feet. It appeared to have been drifting in the air close to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.

Although he admitted the UFO could have been a deflated balloon, he argued that a deflated balloon would have crashed faster rather than drift to ground level slowly and leisurely.

"It was moving too slow to be a crash-landing balloon. There was no movement from the upper portion, like a deflated balloon might have."

The footage has gone viral in UFO forums with many enthusiasts debating its nature. UFO blogger Scott C. Waring suggested the UFO was a "flying alien."

"The UFO appears to be a standing figure," the notorious blogger commented on his weird blog UFO Sightings Daily.

"Flying aliens have been seen in past documents, but this is one of the first I've seen recorded."

"I really wish he had filmed a few minutes longer before shutting off his video so we could see how it moves," he continued. "Its movement would be key to identify it as an entity."

The footage and Waring's comments sparked a discussion on his blog. One enthusiast suggested the object looked like a Dark Knight Satellite, but Waring disagreed.

Another enthusiast agreed with Waring that it looked like a "humanoid ufo."

"This looks like the Dark Knight Satellite."

"It definitely looks like one of those humanoid UFO's."

"It definitely looks like one of those humanoid UFO's."

"I think this is a hoax video," he said. "I think this is a tassely kite tail over a drone."

But other bloggers ignored what appeared a reasonable suggestion.

Reports of humanoid UFOs have gone viral in the UFO community in the past. The Inquisitr reported a viral video uploaded online on August 9, 2015, by UFO hunter Jonathan Castro that appeared to show a humanoid UFO in a spacesuit hovering over Sequoia Park in East Los Angeles (see video below). Although some observers dismissed it as a hoax, many UFO hunters and enthusiasts thought it looked real.

But some conspiracy theorists suggested it was a 3-D projection designed to test-run Project Blue Beam, an alleged plan by world governments to inaugurate the exceptionally evil New World Order (NWO) by simulating the second coming of Jesus to deceive millions of Christians across the globe.

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