John David Duggar Talks Courting In New Video: Has He Found Someone? [Video]

When it comes to the Duggar family, everyone wants to know when they are courting. The Duggars don’t do things like most people and they actually court and take things slow instead of dating random people. John David Duggar is one of the boys that hasn’t moved out and gotten married yet and rumors are always flying he has found love. The Duggar Family Blog shared a new video with John David where he talks about courting and if he has found someone special yet.


In this clip, John David Duggar speaks out about praying for the right girl. He says that one day he will start a family and the right one will come along. John David wants to raise a generation that will be great members of society. Of course, Ben Seewald teases him that he might have someone, but John David won’t admit that he does.

John David Duggar says that he doesn’t have anyone right now, but he is praying about it. It sounds like he is ready to find that perfect person, but it just hasn’t happened quite yet. John David then speaks out saying to keep watching. This has fans curious if he just wasn’t ready to reveal that he found someone or if he is just simply saying it will be on the show someday. He repeated over and over to keep watching the show.