Ted Cruz Beat Donald Trump In Wisconsin — Voter Fraud Hoax Spread By Fake Site Said Votes For Trump Changed To Cruz

Ted Cruz is the projected winner of the Wisconsin primary — and Cruz already began celebrating his victory on Twitter on Tuesday night.

Senator Cruz thanked the state of Wisconsin, and according to USA Today, Ted’s Wisconsin win means that it has thrown a monkey wrench into Donald Trump’s desire to gain the needed amount of Republican delegates to make Trump unstoppable.

As reported by Fox News, the fact the senator from Texas has defeated Trump in Wisconsin means that the forward motion of The Donald has been slowed amid a rough week for Trump. Trump had found himself answering questions about abortion and changing his stance several times when asked if there should be some sort of punishment for women who obtain illegal abortions.

Even Melania Trump joining her husband on the campaign trail didn’t seem to help Trump win Wisconsin’s Republican presidential primary. Instead, the early vote returns predicted Cruz winning the state by 20 percent or so. The win by Cruz means that the chance for a rare GOP convention fight has been made more likely.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Senator Ted’s victory was an important one in Wisconsin.

Cruz had spent time in Wisconsin, urging the state’s voters to use their voting power to let their voices be heard nationally. Apparently, voters in Wisconsin took Ted up on his attempts to derail Trump’s campaign, with Cruz stating that other states might go the way of Wisconsin in order to stop Trump. Cruz told Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes — an anti-Trump personality — that a win in Wisconsin could affect states across the nation.

“If we end up with a win tonight, it is going to have national repercussions.”

No sooner did reports about Cruz winning Wisconsin emerge that they were quickly followed by rumors of voter fraud on Facebook. A search for “Cruz Trump Wisconsin” on Facebook turns up plenty of reactions from people claiming they voted for Trump and saw their votes somehow magically changed to Cruz’s name.

Claims that Trump supporters in Wisconsin reported seeing votes being changed to Cruz are being touted by sites like Redstate News.

As the basis for that article, it points to a United Media Publishing piece.

Within that article, it states that Madison-based ABC affiliate WKOW was flooded with calls about voter fraud. However, the latest articles from that publication report that Cruz captured crucial victory over Trump in Wisconsin.

The same publication explains that the exit polls prove that Cruz won because of voters’ fear of Trump. There’s no readily available mention of any voter fraud. However, that hasn’t stopped folks on social media from taking the claims of voter fraud as the gospel truth and running with it to express their views on the subject.

As reported by Lead Stories, it’s a hoax website that claims that Trump votes were changed to Cruz votes. All the details claimed in the hoax story profess that specific Trump supporters couldn’t actually vote for Trump.

One of the hoax stories has been liked nearly 7,000 times on Facebook. Plenty of the comments attached to the story by those who share it on social media prove that they believe the fake story.

Others on social media are expressing their joy over Ted’s win.

“Wisconsin I am very proud of you guys for not letting Trump win!!!! Cruz and Sanders are the top picks for Wisconites!!!!”

In the top photo above, Cruz can be seen pointing skyward as the Republican presidential candidate spoke on Monday, April 4, at a campaign stop at Waukesha County Exposition Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

[AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh]