New-Look Mike Myers Jokes That Canada Will Take All Americans Who Want To Leave If Trump Becomes President

Mike Myers may have kept a low profile over the past few years, but when he made his long-anticipated appearance in public, he made sure to cause quite a stir in the media. And that’s exactly what the Austin Powers star did recently while presenting his almost unrecognizable new look, according to the Telegraph.

The 2009 film Inglorious Basterds was the latest film in which Mike Myers appeared in person.

the Mike Myers cameo in Inglorious Basterds will always feel very, very, strange

— Kevin Frankenfeld (@kpf) January 6, 2016

And since then, the Wayne’s World actor has been spending some time behind the camera, directing the documentary Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon back in 2013.

Mike Myers’ latest TV appearance was the last ever Monty Python live show in 2014. So it’s no surprise that the Shrek star made headlines recently when he attended a State Dinner at the White House organized in honor of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

What especially shocked the media was Mike Myers’ striking resemblance to his fellow comedy legend Steve Martin. In fact, the resemblance was so striking that a number of Twitter users commented that the Austin Powers actor is morphing into Martin.

But Mike Myers spoke mostly about politics during the event, praising Pierre Trudeau and Canada, which can offer the world “civility,” as well as the very strength of democracy, which is “not how well we agree, but how well we disagree.”

“When I lived in Canada, Pierre Trudeau was my prime minister for 14 years. I describe myself as a true ‘Trudeauvian.’ And now I’m thrilled to have his son as my prime minister.”

GOP presidential front-runner 2016 Donald Trump also became a topic of discussion between Mike Myers and reporters. When asked to share his thoughts on American citizens saying they would leave the United States if Trump wins the election later this year, Myers said that Canada “will take you all.”

Even though Mike Myers holds citizenship in three countries, it appears that he loves his native Canada and wishes future generations to know the history of the nation. It was reported by A.V. Club that Mike Myers has recently signed a deal with Doubleday Canada to publish a book that would be “part memoir, part history and complete entertainment,” about the Great White North.

Even though Mike Myers hasn’t announced a title for the book yet, he already plans to make it fully illustrated and to have it feature the 52-year-old actor’s personal take on Canada. The Austin Powers star is also set to include images from his own archive.

Mike Myers, who was born in Ontario, sees his goal to “show what makes Canada Canada, Canadians Canadians, and what being Canadian has always meant to him,” according to reports.

Mike Myers also revealed in the press release that the book will be his Centennial project. And although the actor is a little bit late — more like almost 50 years late — he still wants to present the upcoming untitled book as his Centennial tribute to Canada. In 1967, Canada turned 100, which prompted many Canadians across the country to create Centennial projects.

“This book is my Centennial Project. I’m handing it in a little late… sorry.”

Mike Myers promises to publish the book in late fall 2016. Last year, Rob Cohen released his documentary Being Canadian, in which Mike Myers is featured as one of the native experts on Canada.

The list of stars featured in the documentary also includes Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, Ben Stiller, Conan O’Brien, Nathan Fillion, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, and dozens of others. In October 2015, Mike Myers joined John Oliver on Last Week Tonight in an attempt to warn his fellow Canadians against reelecting Stephen Harper as Canada’s Prime Minister.

[Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images]