Terrorist Threat Plagues Madonna’s St. Petersburg, Russia Concert

terrorism threat madonna

Madonna may be singing to a much smaller audience in Russia than expected as a serious threat to harm both on-stage performers and spectators was made. The United States Embassy is warning Madonna fans who may be planning to attend the Russia concert about to take personal safety into consideration, TMZ reports.

After the terrorist threat for the Madonna concert in Russia surfaced the U.S. Embassy officially warned Americans with tickets to the St. Petersburg concert that a threat of physical violence was looming and all Madonna Russian concert goers should “remain vigilant regarding their personal security.”

A Madonna source speaking to TMZ notes the singer will not be swayed by the threat and promised the St. Petersburg, Russia concert will go on as scheduled. Specific details about the Madonna threat have not been released by either the U.S. Embassy or law enforcement authorities in Russia.

The Madonna terrorism threat was issued just days after the singer spoke out about members of a jailed Russian punk band, Pussy Riot. The superstar singer stated publicly that she feels Pussy Riot has been censored unfairly by the powers-that-be in Russia.

The Russian band Pussy Riot is incarcerated while awaiting trial for criticizing Vladimir Putin. Madonna is among the stars calling for the release of Pussy Riot and encouraging protests in support of the band’s right to free speech. Madonna’s concert in Moscow went on without incident.

“I mean no disrespect to the church or the government. But I think that these three girls, Masha, Katya, Nadya, have done something courageous, have paid the price for their act and I pray for their freedom,” Madonna stated during her Moscow concert last night, according to Music Mix.

Controversy has swirled around Madonna during here globe hopping tour this year. Madonna’s use of Nazi imagery, flashing of female body parts and a nasty verbal exchange with Elton John all made international headlines – but none spurred terrorism threats until the singer came out in support of Pussy Riot. Security during the Madonna St. Petersburg, Russia concert may be tighter than usual when she takes the stage on August 9.