April 5, 2016
WWE Rumors: A Feud Between The Bullet Club And The Shield Is Coming After AJ Styles Won WWE Title Shot


Last night on Monday Night RAW, AJ Styles won a fatal four-way match to become the No. 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship currently held by Roman Reigns. It is expected that match will take place at Payback on May 1, but that has not yet been confirmed. An interesting rumor is now going around though that this match could lead to a feud between some formation of the Bullet Club and a reunited heel version of The Shield.

One version or another of the Bullet Club has been rumored to be coming to WWE for months now, and it's hard to tell how, when, or if this is happening. More hints are being dropped all the time, though, and it certainly seems like something big is about to happen.

AJ Styles took on Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and a returning Cesaro in the main event of RAW, and he won the right to face Reigns for the title, as recapped by WWE.com. It's a huge accomplishment for someone who just entered the company in late January, but much more could be coming from it.

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[Image via NJPW]Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson are apparently signed by WWE, even though there has been no official announcement. It really does seem as if they are going to be debuting on the main roster before too long, and not heading to NXT first.

Pro Wrestling Mag believes that they will make their debut and help Styles win the WWE Title from Roman Reigns. This could, in turn, lead to a situation in which Reigns turns full on heel and needs to bring in a few others to help him take on the Bullet Club, or whatever they are going to be called.

One of those that could help him could be Dean Ambrose, who is sort of in limbo after his loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32. Ambrose could go off the rails and just be sick of coming in second, so why not deliver some justice?

That still leaves Reigns and Ambrose one person short of handling the Bullet Club, so in steps a returning-from-injury Seth Rollins, and a reunited heel version of The Shield is born.

wwe rumors bullet club bulletproof balor club the shield aj styles roman reigns doc gallows karl anderson aj styles dean ambrose seth rollins
[Image via WWE]Not only would this make the fans happy and have them hate Roman Reigns less, but it would bring about an incredible feud. The Shield vs. The Bullet Club is something that wrestling dreams are made of, and WWE has the opportunity to make it happen.

Pro Wrestling Mag believes it is only a matter of time until this feud becomes a reality, and that could be true. Time is needed to get Rollins back from injury and time is needed to introduce Gallows and Anderson to the main roster.

It appears as if WWE is prepared to bring both Gallows and Anderson to the WWE main roster and television, and it will be happening soon. Both of the former Bullet Club members were in Dallas throughout the weekend.

The main rumor going around is that Finn Balor would be jumping to the WWE main roster and debut with Gallows and Anderson as the Balor Club or Bulletproof Balor Club. After Balor retained his title at NXT Takeover: Dallas on Friday, it seems those plans may have changed.

Now, Samoa Joe may be called up soon as recently reported by Inquisitr, since he was the one that lost the NXT Championship match. It also seems like Balor may stay in NXT a bit longer, since a mass exodus happened last night on RAW with the arrival of Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Apollo Crews, and Baron Corbin,

Maybe the Balor Club angle isn't exactly dead for certain, but it seems that WWE may have changed plans.

If Gallows and Anderson join AJ Styles, then Balor could come up to the WWE main roster later and make the stable even stronger.

Whether or not there is a Bullet Club (Bulletproof Balor Club) vs. The Shield program or not, there are major hints being dropped at it. AJ Styles is going to get his shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and Roman Reigns' first feud as champ is a big one. If Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose get involved, then this is going to take this to an entirely different level.

[Image via WWE]