WWE Rumors: Samoa Joe Is Leaving NXT And Heading Up To The WWE Main Roster

On Friday night, NXT Takeover: Dallas took place and the main event was a brutal NXT Championship match between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. When all was said and done, Balor retained his title and left an angry Samoa Joe in the ring. Even though many thought Joe would finally take the title, there may be a reason for that outcome and it’s that the “Samoan Submission Machine” is heading up to the WWE main roster.

It’s been rumored that Balor is going to make a shocking debut at WrestleMania 32 on Sunday, and that is something that’s still possible. He could be a part of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, or just be involved in some other way.

Should he not debut tomorrow, it’s been said that he will debut on the WWE main roster with Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson on Monday Night Raw. All of that may have now changed though considering he retained the NXT Title last night.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the finish of the main event at NXT Takeover: Dallas was a back-and-forth decision all day. Dave Meltzer states that at one point, Samoa Joe was scheduled to win the NXT Title and therefore, Balor would be heading to the WWE main roster.

Things kept changing though, and WWE finally came to the decision to have Samoa Joe lose to Finn Balor. While it’s not a confirmation of anything, it is a pretty clear-cut sign that Joe is heading up to the WWE main roster in the very near future.

While Balor could go up soon too, he is the NXT Champion still and it may not happen as soon as originally thought. Then again, Kevin Owens made his WWE main roster debut while still possessing the NXT Title.

wwe rumors samoa joe nxt takeover dallas main roster finn balor
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Adding even more proof to the fact that Samoa Joe could be heading out of NXT is that he is barely a part of the weekly show for the next few weeks. Wrestling Inc. reported the taping spoilers for the month of April, and Joe has but one match.

Samoa Joe’s next match in NXT is going to be on Apr. 13 and it will be against Apollo Crews, whom he defeats by submission. Even though more could be added later, Finn Balor wasn’t involved in a single taping that took place on Saturday at WrestleMania 32 Axxess.

Some reports state that match will air on April 6, but either way, it was the only appearance for Samoa Joe.

wwe rumors samoa joe nxt takeover dallas main roster finn balor
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Joe joined WWE back in May of last year when he debuted at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable when he showed up to confront Kevin Owens. Since then, he had had a good run with the promotion. He hasn’t won any titles, but he did win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with Finn Balor.

With the arrivals of those such as Austin Aries, Shinsuke Nakamura, and now possibly Bobby Roode and Kota Ibushi, NXT can afford to lose Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn to the WWE main roster. No matter what, NXT seems to keep finding great new talent to fill the holes in its roster when others are called up.

Losing Samoa Joe would indeed be a great loss, but fans have been waiting for him in WWE for years and it is long overdue.

Many have thought that Finn Balor would be called up to the WWE main roster next, and it’s quite possible he will arrive with the Bulletproof Balor Club soon. For now though, he’s still the NXT Champion and it looks like Samoa Joe will be hitting the big ranks and appearing soon on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown.

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