New Drake Song ‘Pop Style’ — With Jay-Z And Kanye West As ‘The Throne’

Drake is constantly building anticipation for his Views from the 6, which drops this month. In the meantime, he’s feeding the public’s hunger with “Pop Style,” a new release featuring Jay-Z and Kanye West as The Throne.

The masses await Drake’s featured album release of Views from the 6. It’s been a long time coming. However, it hasn’t happened just yet. But to appease the hungry masses, Drake has released not one but two new songs to iTunes for immediate download. The song Drake has mostly promoted via his Instagram page is “Pop Style.” This is a collaboration track between Jay-Z, Kanye West, and himself.

Drake’s “Pop Style” has engaging lyrics and musical composition. It’s definitely a track for bass enthusiasts. And while Drake has mentioned that his swimming pool is larger than Kanye West’s, and he’s on a similar level as Jay-Z, as mentioned in “Summer Sixteen,” the “Pop Style” artist knows when it’s “good business” for the music scene to collaborate with the two legends.

In the beginning of Drake’s new song, he mentions as follows.

“Dropped out of school, now we ‘dumb rich’/This sound like some 4301 s**t/All my n***as wanna do is ‘Pop Style’/Turn my birthday into a lifestyle/Tell my mom I love her if I do not make it.”

Drake goes on to mention that he likes to finish what his opposition “thinks” they’ve started.

“Man, you boys just got to Hollywood. You boys just started!”

As in “Summer Sixteen,” Drake says that he’s looking for revenge “all Summer ’16.” And, maybe now, it’s starting early. Nevertheless, from the look of things, Drake’s “Pop Style” is receiving major love as his new song.

In a similar way that Drake blazed the song, Kanye West held his own as well. As Kanye West came into his verse, he even referred to his Taylor Swift interruption with “Jay about his business, and ‘I’mma let you finish.'” Drake’s collaborator stated that people tend to get offended by his movements and statements, as you’ve probably noticed from his Twitter rantings.

His lyrics state, “They like, ‘Pablo, why are all your windows tinted in your Tahoe?’…Why can’t you just shut your mouth and take the high road?'”

Interestingly enough, Jay-Z only hopped on the track for a moment, just before Kanye West’s verse. He stated as follows.

“They still out to get me/They don’t get it/I cannot be gotten/That’s a given.”

Nevertheless, not even an hour into his public release of “Pop Style,” Drake’s song link has received over 15,000 retweets, alone, not to mention all other media sources who have put the word out.

Clearly, Drake is feeding his listeners appetizers before he dishes out the main course. Along with “Pop Style,” Drake also released a collaboration with Wiz Kid and Kyla called “One Dance.”

This new song brings island and African sounds to the forefront. While Drake has had major success with his feature on Rihanna’s “Work,” why not do a track of his own, right? Similar to Drake’s “Pop Style,” “One Dance” has also received major support via social media. Drake’s song link for this particular track has gained approximately the same number as “Pop Style” with 14,000 retweets so far.

In typical Drake fashion, he chose not to hint at these surprises. Yet, he released them as singles with the hashtag #Views. There’s no confirmation as to whether these songs will be included on Drake’s Views from the 6, or if these are simply appetizers to hold the public until Drake releases his well-anticipated album.

Whichever the case, for now, the public is appeased and awaiting the main course with more patience.

What are your thoughts about Drake’s new song “Pop Style”? Do you think Kanye West and Jay-Z were great collaborators for the Drake track? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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