‘Once Upon A Time’ Star Greg Germann Teases Hades’ Treachery And Turmoil

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time is about romance and true love as much as it’s about the magic of fairy tales, and the current story arc playing out on the series is exploring a new epic love affair that has fans intrigued. While the love shared by couples like Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and her Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), as well as the more recent love affair between Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), have endured with the soft hearts of Once Upon a Time loyalists, there’s a new power couple in town.

Once Upon A Time‘s Greg Germann Talks Hades’ Love For Zelena

The most recent episode of Once Upon a Time to air was this past Sunday. Entitled “Our Decay,” the episode explored the history shared between Hades (Germann) and Zelena (Rebecca Mader), revealing a long and complicated relationship between the two Storybrooke villains. Explored in flashbacks, the love affair between the wicked witch and the lord of the underworld was explored in its historical context, just as Hades and Zelena were again reunited in the present day.

Germann revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the connection between these two Once Upon a Time characters is “more than it seems,” adding that their “strong bond” stems from the troubled histories they each share with their respective families. As both Hades and Zelena are considered the black sheep of their families, they find that the similarities between their lives draw them together.

“At first, we seem like we’re good adversaries, good equals, and then we see how we can use each other. It kind of grows from there,” Germann says, as he describes his character’s connection to Zelena. “We both have a similar path. The thing I love about this show is that, even though it lives in the realm of fantasy, at its essence, it’s pretty human. When you meet somebody that has a past that you can identify with because of maybe the kind of pain they’ve suffered, you’re drawn to that person. That’s ultimately what Hades and Zelena find in common with one another.”

Hades Isn’t The Best When It Comes To Interacting With Storybrooke Characters

While Hades and Zelena may be finding that common interests have helped to strengthen their bond, Germann reveals that the same cannot be said for how his character deals with other Once Upon a Time characters. For instance, there’s Rumple (Robert Carlyle), who Hades has the upper hand with at the moment. While Greg admits that his character does seem to have the power to keep the Dark One in check, the Once Upon a Time actor says that may not be a long-lasting arrangement. Rumple is a formidable villain and Hades may not be able to keep him on a leash for long.

Mr. Germann adds that Hades’ fascination with Rumple and keeping him under his control may result in collateral damage to those close to Carlyle’s Once Upon a Time character. Specifically, the actor hints that Belle (Emilie de Ravin) may face some perilous situations, all resulting from Hades’ actions.

“Hades is really good at finding the weak spots of all these characters and using that as leverage. Belle certainly, for Rumple, is his Achilles’ heel. By staying one step ahead of everybody, Hades is planning out what their weak spot is and then leveraging that to get what he wants.”

In speaking of the way Once Upon a Time co-showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have created the Hades character, Germann reveals that while the character is drawn from Greek mythology, the writers have put their own spin on the lord of the underworld. For example, the Once Upon a Time actor says he loved the way Hades was introduced – by opening the scene with him receiving a pedicure.

Germann adds that he also loves the way Hades is identifiable to himself, as well as to Once Upon a Time fans, because at his core, Hades is really just about getting his way. This is all he wants, says Greg, and when he doesn’t get his way, things tend to go a little sour.

“I mean, I’m in the Underworld, banishing somebody and throwing somebody into the river of souls or something, but really I’m just really angry because I’m not getting my way, which you and I can identify with.”

The next episode of Once Upon a Time is set to air on Sunday, April 10 on ABC.

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