‘United Bates Of America’ New Reality Show Follows Family With 19 Children

United Bates of America is a new TLC reality show boasting as many kids as the Duggars. Gil and Kelly Jo Bates are the momma and poppa in the new TLC United Bates of America reality show. The Bates family lives in the rural Lake City, Tennessee area and are a deeply religious clan of 21, Radar Online notes.

The new TLC reality show begins with an eight-episode series showcasing the Bates family bringing home little baby Jeb from the hospital. Gil and Kelly Jo Bates homeschool their children. The Bates family will soon have one the 19 children flying the nest and heading off to college. Viewers of United Bates of America will see Erin Bates prepare to leave her secluded homelife and venture onto campus.

The Bates children and their parents are reportedly a music loving family and enjoy the solitude of a country lifestyle but still have struggles which will play out on-screen throughout the new family reality show. The United Bates of America premieres on August 13 at 9 pm.

Gil and Kelly Jo Bates are reportedly close friends with the Duggars. The Bates children range in age from 6 months to 23-years-old. The Bates family has nearly enough children to field two baseball teams with 10 girls and nine boys counted among the large clan.

United Bates of America the Duggars

Each 30-minute episode of United Bates of America episode will focus on a new adventure in the daily lives of the super-sized and close-knit family, TLC notes. Previews of United Bates of America show their children having old-fashioned country family fun, going rafting and tending to livestock on the beautiful and expansive Tennessee farm. With 21 children all living under one roof, there is sure to be both comical and stressful moments in which parents in charge of far smaller families can relate.