General Hospital Spoilers: Nurses Ball Dates Confirmed, What Can Fans Expect?

General Hospital has always been good about gearing up for sweeps. These periods happen three times a year, and the ratings generally increase due to the elaborate stories and special events. The Nurses Ball has always been a highlight among General Hospital fans. While it was missing for several years, it was recently brought back. It may not be up to the same caliber some remember from the old days, but it is enough to keep fans entertained and allow the actors to have some serious fun at work.

The General Hospital Nurses Ball is confirmed for three dates in May. Unlike previous years, the event will air over mid-week, instead of lapsing over the weekend. The Nurses Ball will begin on May 24 and end on May 26. General Hospital fans can expect an epic cliffhanger, especially the Friday following the big party. There are plenty of wishes being talked about by fans on social media, and some minor events have been confirmed. It appears that the General Hospital Nurses Ball will be one of the best in recent years!

Right now, General Hospital fans can expect a major character to be hanging in the balance. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital will present a surprising arrest. With Julian Jerome (William deVry) rejoining the mob, he could be the one the police take in. This could be an epic move, especially since he recently married Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). General Hospital fans love “Julexis,” and this may be something that will tear the couple apart. There is also a possibility that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) could be arrested for his mob connections, though it is highly unlikely. The arrest angle could affect a number of Port Charles residents, and it will likely be something General Hospital fans did not see coming.

Right now, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Ryan Paevey are at odds over the Claudette situation on General Hospital. Reports have indicated that the couple will split over the deception. Maxie will find out the entire truth, and Nathan will be left without the woman he loves. Other rumors have indicated that he is still married to Claudette, which would definitely be a deal breaker for Maxie. Since the General Hospital Nurses Ball is just six weeks away, anything can happen. If the writers do decide to split up “Naxie,” there could be another pairing in the works. Maxie had undeniable chemistry with Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen).

Complete details regarding the General Hospital Nurses Ball will likely come out over the next few weeks. The writers and network aren’t fond of spoiling everything upfront, and release smaller details along the way. Aside from the dates being confirmed, everything else seems to be speculation or assumption from what little information ABC Soaps In Depth released. Aveeno will be the sponsor of the event, and it will likely be plugged heavily on General Hospital during the airing.

Because of how General Hospital tapes episodes, the Nurses Ball stuff should be taped shortly. Social media is a great tool to keep track of what the actors are doing, especially when they share photos from the General Hospital set. There is plenty happening during May sweeps, and the Nurses Ball is just the tip of the iceberg. It is nice to see an older tradition still being incorporated into the show today. Fans are hoping that Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) will be around for the special event, but there has been no confirmation of that yet. The General Hospital Nurses Ball is one of the best events the show hosts, and it will offer three days of must-watch soap opera television in May.

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