‘Real Housewives’ Star Kim Fields Doesn’t Accept Kenya’s Apology

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Fields has decided that she doesn’t want to return to the show next season. She filmed the Real Housewives franchise for one season, and that was enough. While she thought she was joining a group of supportive ladies, she quickly learned that some of them would say just about anything to cause some trouble. And sadly, Fields quickly learned that her husband was an easy target due to some unconfirmed rumors.

According to a new Bravo report, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Fields is now revealing that she doesn’t really accept Kenya’s apology for talking about her husband as if he was gay. Moore claimed that there were rumors in Hollywood about Chris’ sexuality, and it sounds like she had a hard time proving her claims.

“It was as ridiculous as its source. Agreed with Andy, it was crappy,” the Real Housewives star revealed after watching the third installment of the reunion special.

During the special, Kenya tried to apologize, but it didn’t really work. It was a sleazy apology, and it was clear that Moore wasn’t sorry at all. Christopher didn’t accept the apology either, and he wanted to know how she got the names of the people who supposedly called him “Chrissy.”

While Kim may not respect Kenya these days, she does respect NeNe Leakes and her decision to come back to the show. While Leakes doesn’t see Kim as a part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it sounds like there is a mutual respect between the women.

“NeNe helped build this house; of course her opinion is valid. I don’t believe I was invited to this show to fit in, but be myself… Which has gotten an enormous amount of support,” Kim Fields reveals about her Real Housewives co-star’s decision to come back to the show.

But it sounds like the drama on the reunion show didn’t ruin her day. In fact, after wrapping up the Real Housewives reunion show, Kim and Chris went back to their lives in Atlanta, and she has been keeping busy for quite some time. It sounds like she won’t be twiddling her thumbs without the Real Housewives women in her life.

“Laughed and joked with my husband about the absurdities, then prepped for the Black History Month Chapel I was the Chairperson for at Sebastian’s school (which was the next morning), editing videos on African-American Explorers. BTW, I truly appreciate all the support the #RHOA fans and Bravo media has given me on #DWTS!!!” the Real Housewives star revealed about her work after the reunion special.

It sounds like she may not miss the Real Housewives of Atlanta show too much when they start filming next season.

Of course, Fields may have been shocked at what the ladies were talking about on the reunion special, as this is often a time to rehash some old fights, memories, and feuds. And as it turns out, Kim was surprised at how much the ladies argued. Even Sheree Whitfield was surprised that Porsha Williams, Kenya Moore, and even Kandi Burruss decided to share their thoughts openly. She was especially shocked at the “one-eyed African” comment, according to Bravo.

“It just blindsided me honestly. As I said last week, before the reunion you never know what tea these ladies will dig up and bring with them! The way she just spit out the tea, I was like ‘Wait, WHAT!? Did she just say one-eyed African?’ I think all of the ladies were just like, ‘Wait, did she just say what we think she said?’ It was an #OMG moment for me. LOL,” Whitfield revealed, sharing that she always prepares herself for the unexpected.

Are you surprised that Kim didn’t accept her Real Housewives co-star’s apology?

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