Chumlee Arrest Update: Details On What Cops Found In ‘Pawn Star’s’ Home

Chumlee was arrested on March 9 at his home in Las Vegas, and details about what were inside his home at that time were released shortly after. The Pawn Stars appraiser was being investigated after a woman went to police to file a sexual assault claim against him. While police did not find any clear evidence that supported that woman’s claim, they did find other items including drugs, drug paraphernalia, and weapons inside his residence.

According to TMZ, police seized a one gallon Ziploc with 116 grams of marijuana, two clear jars of marijuana (8.2 grams and 2.8 grams), one bag containing 4.4 grams marijuana, seven clear capsules with 1.7 grams of methamphetamine powder, and 17 Xanax bars.

“Cops also found signs of cocaine use in the ‘Chum Chum’ room, which has a stripper pole. Police say they found a clear plastic baggie with white residue and also a rolled up $1 bill with white residue.”

Chumlee (real name Austin Lee Russell) also had 12 firearms in his home, eight of which were not registered. He spent one night behind bars before being released on $62,000 bail. Although he is a free man at the moment, Chumlee has not released any kind of public statement, nor has he posted to his social media accounts since all of this went down. Chumlee is due in court on May 23, where he will face 20 felony charges, all related to the drugs and weapons found inside his home.

Shortly after his arrest, Chumlee hired attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, who released the following statement.

“We will be analyzing what was allegedly found and whether the alleged seizure was lawful in a courtroom, not in the media. Austin has great faith in the judicial system, as do we, and looks forward to a just resolution of this matter.”

Chumlee told police that he “smokes a lot of weed,” but police noted in their report that the way in which the drugs were stored were “consistent” with what a drug dealer’s stash would look like. Although it’s only speculation at this time, many believe that Chumlee may have been dealing drugs as a side job of sorts.

Many people know Chumlee from his role on Pawn Stars. Fans have been wondering if Chumlee will end up being fired from Rick Harrison’s Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, or if The History Channel will cancel the show. At the very least, it is presumed that Chumlee won’t be a part of the show for a while — and if he is convicted on any of these charges, he may never be on the show again.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a source close to The History Channel revealed that the network is just waiting to see how things play out legally for Chumlee before they make any moves. The network has chosen not to release a statement of any kind. It seems as though everyone is just waiting to see what happens when Chumlee goes to court next month.

For now, Pawn Stars wrapped their 12th season, and the source said that they have enough footage “banked” that they could air additional episodes. There are no secure plans to film Season 13 at this time.

Are you a fan of Pawn Stars? Were you surprised to hear of Chumlee’s arrest?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]