Is Charrisse Jackson Jordan Upset With ‘RHOP’ Ladies After Drama-Filled Birthday Party?

Charrisse Jackson Jordan RHOP

Charrisse Jackson Jordan has wrapped up her first season of The Real Housewives of Potomac, and one can imagine that the experience wasn’t what she imagined it to be. Charrisse joined the show because she wanted to showcase her marriage and her personal life in Potomac, but she quickly got stuck on some marital trouble. In the beginning, she admitted that she was living in a different state than her husband due to his job, but it sounds like they may have grown apart during that time.

According to a new Bravo report, Charrisse Jackson Jordan is now revealing that her birthday ended on a great note, even though her husband didn’t show up for her 50th birthday party. While he helped finance the party, he didn’t come back to Potomac to celebrate with her. Instead, he stayed away, and her Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars decided to continue their feuds. So, did Charrisse end up having fun?

“The birthday party itself was like a wedding day where the bride doesn’t get to eat the amazing dinner that everyone enjoyed at the couple’s expense. I had a couple of passed hors d’oeuvres, but not much else. I had a few glasses of bubbly that I kept losing. As a result, no buzz at the party for me. However, the libation encounter was after the party. Michael and Ashley pretty much hosted a group that consisted of my nieces, close friends, and, of course, myself. We hit a local club and were flowing VIP all night (or should I say morning). We ended the night at Ben’s Chili bowl. OMG! Who knew a turkey hot dog and fries with cheese could taste so good at 4:00 in the morning. Needless to say, it took me a few days to recover from the party after the party,” Charrisse Jackson Jordan reveals in her blog about her birthday party.

It sounds like Ashley Darby and her husband made a great effort to celebrate Jackson Jordan on her birthday after the drama played out during the party. While Charrisse was having fun with her friends and family, some of her co-stars decided to talk about the topic of race, which had been brought up on the show several times. While Jackson Jordan may not have been happy about this during the party, it sounds like Ashley did get her on other thoughts after everyone went home.

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During one of the final scenes of the show, the ladies sit down and talk about the drama that has happened between Karen Huger and Ashley. While Charrisse hasn’t been involved, she did want the ladies to work out their issues. And she was gladly the voice of reason.

“I do try to be the voice of reasoning in any situation. I try to see both sides of an issue. Sometimes, there isn’t a right or wrong conclusion, but as long as we are dealing with each other out of respect, there isn’t anything that can’t be resolved. It’s one thing to have misunderstandings and differences, but it’s how you handle them. We are a group of adult women who have different views on a LOT of things. As long as we treat each other with respect, we can express those differences,” Charrisse Jackson Jordan reveals in her blog, sharing that she does think that they can all get along if they just respect one another’s opinions and thoughts.

What do you think of Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s birthday party? Are you surprised that her co-stars went above and beyond to make her birthday really special?

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