WWE News: NXT Champion Finn Balor To Make Main Roster Debut On ‘WWE RAW’ Tonight?

We’re coming off a lackluster WrestleMania, according to most people, and WWE needs to put on a great WWE RAW to give fans something good to take from the week with main roster talent. NXT Takeover: Dallas was thought to be far better, but the big thing many took away from the event, outside of the great performances, was seeing who might get called up soon. Most thought going in that Bayley would lose to Asuka, giving the Japanese great her first WWE title, meanwhile it would allow Hugger Extreme to come up.

On top of that, most assumed Samoa Joe would win the NXT Championship to then give Finn Balor the ability to be called up. Instead, Samoa Joe lost, and that made many believe Balor was going to stay down in NXT while Joe was going to be called up.

According to the Wrestling Observer, there were plans for Joe to win, but they were called off at the last minute. This was most likely done to give Samoa Joe the ability to be called up.

Original Bullet Club
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So where does that leave Finn Balor? According to PWInsider, WWE already has both Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows booked for this week. Balor was telling What Culture, in a tease, “where one goes, we all go” in reference to his friends Anderson and Gallows, which made us already wonder what his plans were. For the uninitiated, Anderson and Gallows were part of The Bullet Club, a major group out of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Prince Devitt started the group a number of years ago, and won three Junior Heavyweight Championships in his time. The Bullet Club were a huge part of Devitt winning, which helped him become a big star over time.

Prince Devitt goes by the name Finn Balor now. This means that the obvious idea of bringing them in was to help get Balor over even more. There were rumors that they might start with WWE NXT first, but those were dashed when it was reported that both would start on the main roster. That meant that Finn Balor would join on the main roster, then, as there would be no reason to have them there without him. This is especially true due to how Balor has been teasing their arrival all over the internet and at NXT events since the rumor of them signing with WWE hit the web.

That being said, those who might assume that the duo would come out and form an alliance with AJ Styles would be wrong. WWE could always do this, but it wouldn’t make much sense. WWE has teased the alliance with Finn Balor for some time now themselves, and the plan all along has been to bring Balor up with the two of them as they make their main roster debut. While Gallows has worked with WWE in the past, this character has not.

Gallows and Anderson
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Anderson and Gallows are good on their own, however, as they have been IWGP Tag Team Champions before. They can hold their own with anyone in the ring, as well. We shouldn’t sleep on how good they both are alone. However, they have always been known for their group alliance. With WWE having the very hot crowd for the post-WrestleMania WWE RAW, it makes sense now more than ever to have all three make their main roster debut.

While it appears Samoa Joe and Bayley will also make their debuts, Balor and his Balor Club very well could make their own to the cheers of many. To those who say that it would be weird for Balor to come up still being NXT Champion, both Sasha Banks and Kevin Owens came up last year before ever losing their respective NXT Title. Therefore, Balor could lose it down the line, and WWE was simply keeping the title on Finn Balor to make his debut a bigger deal.

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