Iggy Azalea Flaunts Engagement Ring — Even In Light Of Nick’s Cheating Scandal!

Iggy hasn’t ditched her ring yet! The world should not be surprised to find Iggy Azalea to be one strong, tough lady — even though her fiance, Nick Young, supposedly confessed to cheating allegations.

“The ‘Fancy’ rapper, […] who was at the show to perform her new song ‘Team’ (from her upcoming album Digital Distortion), sported high-waisted blue trousers with an asymmetrical patchwork crop top,” US Weekly reported. “She kept her right hand in her pocket on the carpet, but her left hand — adorned with the giant diamond sparkler from Young — remained in full view.”

Young’s cheating scandal is still fresh, but the actress told E! News Jason Kennedy that her method for dealing with her problems is to “worry about your own thing,” rather than worrying about what social media says about your life.

Iggy has shared her concerns about the problems with social media via her Twitter account.

“I really feel the environment online is actually whats sick/needs fixing here, not the people logging off and feeling depressed by it. […] I really urge everyone to try and speak to others online with the same level of courtesy you’d give someone standing right in front of you.”

Hollywood Life shared a deeper look at Nick’s confession, while also stating that they believe that the continued presence of the ring “proves” that there will still be a wedding.

“Nick turned Iggy’s world upside down after […] D’Angelo Russell leaked a video where Nick confessed to cheating on Iggy with a 19-year-old girl! In her own way, Iggy thanked D’Angelo for revealing Nick’s dirty little secret. But she also wanted more proof of Nick’s unfaithfulness so she could decide if she should call off the wedding. Well, that engagement ring proves that the wedding is still on!”

Whether or not the wedding is, in fact, “still on,” Iggy has shared her “motto” for getting through “turbulent” times, Entertainment Tonight said.

“My motto is just like the song says: ‘I got me.’ Just have your own back.”

Of course, like any normal human being, Iggy finds it helpful to have some outside help in hard times. Demi Lovato has been a pillar of strength, friendship, and encouragement for Iggy — particularly during her recent heartache.

“Demi is awesome and it’s so cool we live so close to each other because I can just roll down to her house and knock on her door and harass her and eat her food in her kitchen when I don’t have any groceries.”

An outside source told Latin Post that Demi has given Iggy the support and comfort needed to get through Nick’s infidelity.

“Demi has been an angel through all of this and not getting into it unless Iggy wants to talk about it. Demi has made it clear that she is there for her through thick and thin no matter what.”

Recently, the 25-year-old singer has focused on horseback riding as a way to get her mind off of her relationship problems, as The Inquisitr explained.

“Now Azalea has also been hanging out with her horses. She revealed to fans that she needed to ‘clear her mind‘ and take some quality time with her beloved animals. […] Iggy hid her platinum blonde hair underneath her riding helmet. She also sported a white sleeveless polo, black belted Jodhpurs, and black riding boots, according to the Daily Mail. Iggy jumped over a fence and smiled while talking to one of her fellow riders. She even took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with her two horses without a caption or context.”


The world will have to wait a little longer before the final conclusion of Nick and Iggy’s relationship is released to the public.

[Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]