Kenya Moore Shares Scandalous Tweet About Kim Fields’ Marriage, Thanks Matt Jordan And Calls Out Porsha Williams

As part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired, Kenya Moore took to Twitter to air out her opinions and thoughts on what happened. Kenya addressed host Andy Cohen’s accusation that she was gay bashing Kim Fields’ husband, Christopher Morgan, with her comments regarding his sexuality. Kenya continued to defend herself and even tweeted more inflammatory information regarding Kim and Chris’ marriage. Kenya also gave an update on her current relationship with Matt Jordan, who defended her on the reunion show and called out co-star Porsha Williams for her violence.

Kenya tweeted that she was just repeating what others have said about Chris’ sexuality. She challenged people to just Google his name to read the rumors themselves.

She called out her co-stars for not admitting that they questioned Chris’ sexuality as well.

As The Inquisitr reported, Chris did recently criticize NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, and Porsha for their comments about him.

Instead of backing down or keeping quiet, Kenya actually threw more fire on the speculation over Chris’ sexuality. She shared a tweet from a viewer who claimed that the pastor who married Chris and Kim was the one who could supposedly “cured” Chris’ homosexuality. Kenya replied that she knows the whole story and criticized Kim for pretending as if she had never heard the rumors regarding Chris.

As for Andy’s opinion that what she said about Chris was “kind of gay-bashy,” Kenya tweeted that she didn’t bash Chris for being gay but just talked about him possibly being gay.

On part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, Kim Fields’ husband, Christopher Morgan, directly addressed the speculation that he’s gay. During the women’s vacation in Jamaica, Kenya claimed that there have been rumors that Chris is gay for many years and that those in the industry call him “Chrissy.” Sitting behind Kim at the reunion, Chris said that he’s secure in his sexuality and that others are simply jealous.

“I am a performer. I am not immune to people talking bad about me, especially when they want what I have. When it comes to who I am as a man, that’s what I know, and that’s what I know my wife knows, so I’m secure in that.”

Kim called Kenya’s comments about Chris “disgusting.” Kenya defended herself by saying that she didn’t make up the rumor but simply repeated what already existed.

“When you say I lied, you’re lying, because I never lied. I didn’t make up the rumor. I brought up the fact that the rumor existed.”

Chris directly challenged Kenya to name the people who call him “Chrissy.” Kenya told him to Google himself. When Chris continued to challenge Kenya, Kenya’s boyfriend, Matt Jordan, who was sitting behind her, spoke up to defend her.

“She just answered your question,” Matt told Chris. “I’m talking to Kenya son,” Chris replied. “But I’m talking directly to you son,” Matt answered.

Kenya calmed Matt down and told him that he didn’t need to speak up for her. Host Andy Cohen made clear that he didn’t like Kenya’s comments regarding Chris’ sexuality.

“It seems like you’re all kind of gay-bashy. It was taunting, and it was derogatory…It just was not a pretty look.”

At Andy’s insistence, Kenya offered up an apology. “If it somehow was offensive to you,” Kenya began, before Andy cut her off, saying that it was “crappy” and that she’d have to do better. Kenya tried again.

“I’m sorry, Christopher. If he was offended.”

At least Kenya had one person at the reunion who was unequivocally on her side. At the reunion, both Matt and Kenya confirmed that they love one another. Are they still together now? Apparently so. As the episode aired, Kenya thanked Matt for loving and supporting her. She attached to her message a photo of Matt kissing her.

Kenya continued to fuel speculation that she’s pregnant. She likened Matt’s comment to Chris saying not to go after his “baby’s queen.”

The person managing Matt Jordan’s business Instagram page recently responded to questions regarding his relationship with Kenya.

“All is great with Kenya and Matt. They are still together strong.”

Kenya Moore also gave her thoughts on the revelation that co-star Porsha Williams got into a fight with a friend at Phaedra Parks’ Christmas party, which was shown on the season finale. While Porsha’s fight wasn’t shown on the finale episode, some footage of the fight was shown on the reunion show. The footage showed Porsha physically attacking Jami, a former employee and friend who, according to Porsha, showed “a lot of disrespect” until “it just escalated.” While NeNe Leakes chimed in that Porsha shouldn’t be putting her hands on anyone, Phaedra defended Porsha by saying that she enrolled in anger management classes. Kim Fields also spoke up on behalf of Porsha, commending her for going to counseling and publicly acknowledging it.

Yet Kenya believes that Porsha isn’t being held accountable for her actions. Kenya pointed out that the finale fight was the third time Porsha got violent during filming.

Kenya also called out Phaedra for claiming that she felt remorse over what happened at her event.

Prior to the airing of part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, Kenya Moore poked fun at Porsha Williams for believing that the cameras didn’t capture the fight.

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