‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump Slams Bravo, Claims They Made Her A Target By Forcing Her To Miss Yolanda’s Lyme Disease Gala

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump landed in the hot seat as the other cast members Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Erika Girardi, and Kathryn Edwards ganged up on her, and pegged her as the master manipulator in the group. Lisa V claims that Bravo sent her away with the sole purpose of causing (unneeded) drama between her and Yolanda.

All About the Tea revealed that Lisa believes Bravo intentionally caused her to miss Yolanda’s Lyme Disease gala to cause issues between them and to give Yolanda a reason talk about her to the other cast members. And, it played out perfectly. Lisa V became the target of a near ambush.

The cast members enjoyed their luxury accommodations in Dubai while Lisa was stuck in London due to a passport issue. Apparently, her passport needed to be renewed in London because of a new security law. The passport situation provided the perfect opportunity for the girls to talk about Lisa and decide that she is a “master manipulator.” Eileen Davidson was the cast member who started the chatter.

“I applaud Bravo for once again drawing attention to important issues like Lyme disease and filming the gala. I couldn’t go as it was noticed that I had only five months left on my passport and that is unacceptable when traveling to United Arab Emirates. It was all a bit of a panic to renew it in four days. The thought of going all the way to London 22 hours there and back was not something I relished, especially as we had another long flight to Dubai the next day–we tried everything. Anyway I was sent with an escort, LOL, to London just in case I didn’t come back in time. Had I known what lay ahead in Dubai I would’ve stayed longer!”

Lisa believes that Bravo used the passport snag to get the rest of the cast to gang up on her as the season comes to a close in the next few weeks. Eileen Davidson manipulated the cast members into pegging Lisa as a “master manipulator” and came off as vindictive and just plain mean. Eileen has been upset with Lisa V all season and has decided that she wants to “prove” to the rest of the cast that Lisa is the bad apple in the group. Let’s see, last season she did the same thing, only her target was Brandi Glanville.

Lisa Rinna is usually the people pleaser; however, she didn’t mince her words when she spoke with Vanderpump. According to her Bravo blog, she told Lisa that she thinks she should look into her own behavior to find out the reason so many cast members believe she is a manipulative person.

“Everyone from Camille, Adrienne, Taylor, Kyle, Kim, Brandi, Eileen, Erika, and Yolanda has said very strong things about LVP being manipulative. Calling her Bobby Fischer, a puppet master, that she pits people against one another, etc. We have seen it all played out here for six years, and if I were LVP, I think I would take a look at myself and ask why are all of these women saying this about me? What part do I play in all of this? What is my responsibility in all of this? Wouldn’t you look deep within yourself and take some sort of responsibility for an issue that continues to rise to the surface again and again?”

Yolanda revealed on RHOBH that she felt like Lisa V didn’t support her or her cause. Otherwise, why did she miss her gala? In the end, the other cast members ganged up on Vanderpump and made some shocking accusations against her. How will Lisa V. repair her relationships with Lisa Rinna, Yolanda and Kyle with Eileen in the middle doing everything she can to cause trouble between them? Find out Tuesday on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airing on Bravo.

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