Film Adaptation Of Stephen King’s ‘Doctor Sleep,’ Sequel To ‘The Shining,’ Gets Scary Script Writer

Stephen King is no stranger to horror as he has essentially focused his entire life, and definitely all of his career around it. Numerous films have been made as adaptations of his frightening tales, and now, there is another one coming. A film adaptation of Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, is going to be made and it has a rather frightening writer and someone that is also no stranger to King — Akiva Goldsman.

For those not aware, Goldsman is the writer and producer of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower which is being turned into a film by Sony. He also wrote and produced the 2007 end of the world zombie flick I Am Legend, which starred Will Smith.

As reported by Tracking-Board, it was back in 1977 when The Shining was first published and it details Jack Torrance as he takes his wife and their son, Danny, to the Overlook Hotel. It is there that they experience horrific and frightening events that change every single thing they know.

Jack is possessed while they’re at the Overlook Hotel and he proceeds to torment and terrify his family until it is too late. In the 1980 film adaptation, Jack is portrayed perfectly by Jack Nicholson in a role that is iconic and historic.

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Doctor Sleep is a direct sequel to The Shining and it takes place a number of years after the original happenings at the Overlook Hotel. Danny, Jack’s son, is now middle-aged and having to still deal with the horrific events that happened at the hotel in his childhood.

Danny now deals with alcohol abuse and a lot of pent-up anger that often comes out as rage. As he tries to live a normal life, his psychic abilities come back around and he mentally connects with a 12-year-old girl by the name of Abra Stone.

It is then that Danny learns his mission to save Abra from a group of paranormal entities that are led by a man known only as Rose the Hat. Meanwhile, Danny does a lot of good by comforting those that are dying, and that is where the nickname of “Doctor Sleep” comes from.

Akiva Goldsman is no stranger to big movies as he has written I Am Legend, The Da Vinci Code, A Beautiful Mind, and many others. He’s also written 12 episodes of the sci-fi hit Fringe while currently working on screenplays for The Dark Tower and the horror follow-up Rings, a sequel to 2002’s The Ring.

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Stanley Kubrick did an amazing adaptation of The Shining back in 1980, and it was quite possibly one of the scariest horror movies of all time. Goldsman has a long road and tall task ahead of him to bring another Stephen King masterpiece to life and live up to the first part of the franchise.

A few years ago, there was an announcement made that there would be a film made that was a prequel to The Shining. Back in October, it was reported by SlashFilm that the prequel, tentatively named Overlook Hotel, would be based on a deleted prologue written by Stephen King.

It’s been in developmental hell since around 2012, and not much has been done or said about it since. James Vanderbilt is supposed to be the producer of the film and it will be directed by Mark Romanek if it ever gets made.

As of now, it is on the shelf and in limbo.

The sequel to The Shining though, that appears to be moving forward. Akiva Goldsman is writing the film adaptation of the Stephen King novel, and there is a very good chance it will be terrifying. It’s not exactly known when it will come to life on the big screen, but it’s coming. Doctor Sleep is coming.

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