‘Empire’ Spoilers: Can Hakeem Lyon Retain Control Of Empire In Season 2, Episode 12 ‘A Rose By Any Other Name’

The season 2 mid-season premiere of Empire was epic and just as unbelievable as fans of the show would expect. Now we’re left to wonder if Hakeem Lyon is going to retain his CEO spot in the company that his father built, or will he fall to the pressure and the threat of Lucious and give the keys to the castle back.

Lucious threatened to kill Hakeem in season 2, episode 11 and it’s pretty clear that he means business. According to the promos released for episode 12, Lucious is also going to confront Camilla, and again, he has a gun. At one point it looks like Lucious may even use it and Camilla looks scared. Will he pull the trigger or will the Lyon family’s enemy live to further torment them as she takes over their company?

Hakeem has a lot to deal with lately after being confronted by his father for taking over as CEO of Empire after Camilla took over his company in the slick vote by the board. He’s dealing with a power play with Camilla while still sorting out his feelings for Laura. Not to mention that Tiana is still around and she’s been competing pretty heavily with Laura for the biggest diva, and Anika is running around pregnant with his child. Will Laura hate Hakeem when she finds out about Anika’s baby? We’re betting that’s something the virginal singer just won’t be able to get over.

Especially after Hakeem risks it all and hooks up with Camilla. It turns out the odd couple made a sex tape, whether Hakeem knew about it or not. With his lovemaking with the enemy on film, it’s only a matter of time before Laura and everyone else sees that Hakeem hasn’t been faithful to his new girlfriend or to his family.

Anika will admit to Rhonda and Andre that she is pregnant with Hakeem’s baby according to Ecumenical News, further fueling speculation that she was the person who pushed Rhonda down the stairs, causing her to lose her own baby with Andre. With Anika carrying the only Lyon heir, she feels like she holds the ace that will finally win Lucious Lyon over, and regain her position within the company.

Tensions within the Lyon family will hit an all time high when Hakeem unveils the new Empire logo. Rather than having a picture of Lucious’ face in gold, the new logo is a picture of Hakeem. That will be enough to set his father off and Empire fans have to wonder if Cookie will be able to smooth things over and get the company back before someone dies.

Cookie learns of Anika’s pregnancy and confronts Hakeem, punching her son and asking him if he knows what a condom is. It seems that Anika got pregnant with Hakeem’s baby on purpose. At some point during the episode, Anika gets in an accident and has to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. In a show of just how her pregnancy will change the family dynamic, it is Cookie who ends up keeping an eye on Anika after she is hurt.

Andre is devastated by the loss of his child and will be facing some serious marriage tests with Rhonda. He accuses his wife of cheating, something Rhonda says is completely unfounded. Andre is at risk of a major meltdown after the stress of his loss, and that might lead to the end of his marriage or another visit to the mental hospital (or both.)

Empire season 2 airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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