‘Oral Sex Bandit’ Sneaks Into Homes, Performs Sex Act On Sleeping Males

A well-known Pennsylvania DJ is accused of breaking into the homes of men he met at clubs and parties and performing oral sex on them while they slept.

Harrisburg authorities said that 27-year-old Dajuan Porter stalked three men he met on the bar scene and sexually assaulted them in their own homes, according to WHP-TV. The first such case was reported in May of 2011 when a man describing an individual fitting Porter’s description climbed into his room through his fire escape, broke in, and began performing oral sex on him as he slept. Another report from April of 2012 had a man visiting Porter’s home for a party, later waking up to Porter performing oral sex on him, according to the Patriot News.

A July report had another man falling asleep at a party after drinking, waking to find Porter performing the sex act on him. Both of the latter-most victims immediately stopped the suspect, according to authorities.

“He actually tried it on me overnight,” stated an additional anonymous victim, who stated that Porter had attempted to perform oral sex on him on at least three separate occasions. “I violently woke up because I felt a hand go down my pants,” stated the victim, though he never really got over the incident. “It made me crazy for days and I really wanted to hunt Dejuan down and beat him to the pavement,” he said.

Porter has been charged with three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and three counts of sexual assault and burglary. This isn’t Porter’s first rodeo, either. Last year, he was charged in Worcester County, Maryland for sexually assaulting his sleeping prison cell mate.

Despite a potential fear of rejection, Porter could stay out of trouble if he just bothered to ask first.

Here’s Porter’s mugshot and a video report of the incident. Harrisburg Police Detective John O’Connor believes there may be other cases and asks victims to contact him at at 717-255-3175.