Mark Waugh, Rahul Gupta: CBS ’48 Hours’ On The Case Of Georgetown Law Student Stabbed To Death By Former Classmate

Mark Waugh, the 23-year-old Georgetown University student who was found stabbed to death in a Maryland high rise, will have his story told on CBS’ 48 Hours. The news magazine and crime documentary picks the most riveting crime cases around the country. 48 Hours‘ episode, “What Happened In Apartment 1601,” will retrace the story of three young adults whose lives were altered forever after one of them tragically turns up dead. The death of Mark Waugh was one that was steeped in mystery and marked by an eerie 911 call that masked the truth of what happened that disastrous night.

In October 2013, Montgomery County Police detectives received a 911 call and were summoned to a tiny studio apartment located at 1220 East West Highway in Silver Springs, Maryland, an area outside of Washington, D.C. It was there that they discovered a distraught young woman screaming and a young man, who appeared to be alive, covered in blood. As they moved throughout the scene, they found another man unresponsive with multiple stab wounds to the body.

The bloodied man who was still alive was identified as 24-year-old Rahul Gupta. The victim was 23-year-old Mark Edward Waugh, and the screaming woman was Gupta’s girlfriend, Taylor Gould, according to the Washington Post.

Police were confronted with a disturbing scene, making note of all of the blood that was found throughout the apartment. They were also met with two people who claimed not to remember a thing.

In the beginning, the only story that Rahul Gupta and Taylor Gould owned up to was that they had all gone out for a night of drinking and partying in celebration of Rahul’s birthday, and that the night of celebration had ended badly.

It was a strange scene that led law enforcement officials to believe that whatever happened, it was going to take some seasoned detective work to unravel the case.

At the police station, Taylor Gould continued with her story of not knowing what happened or how Mark Waugh ended up dead. In the meantime, Rahul Gupta made a confession, stating that he had killed his longtime friend after suspecting that he was cheating with his girlfriend, Taylor. He later backed away from that story by stating that it was Taylor Gould who had savagely stabbed Mark Waugh to death.

Community members and close friends of the Waugh family were in complete shock. Mark Waugh’s life ended in a way no one would have expected. In fact, all three students had a promising and bright future. Mark Waugh had an impressive school record at James Madison University, where he majored in history, before moving on to law school at Georgetown University.

His former friend turned killer, Rahul Gupta, had an engineering degree. And Taylor Gould held a degree in biomedical engineering. What no one could understand is why it all happened. Police say that it was a deadly mix of alcohol and drugs that fueled the jealous rage that led to the death of Mark Waugh.

At trial, the jury heard that Mark Waugh had suffered stab wounds to the chest, the neck, and the shoulder. His jugular vein was also cut in the vicious attack. Rahul Gupta was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

According to ABC-7, his mother became so distraught by the guilty verdict that she literally had to be carried out of court and placed in an ambulance.

Today, all Mark Waugh’s family members can do is remember what a wonderful person he was and how much he enjoyed life. Mark Waugh’s obituary at Fairfax Memorial describes him this way.

“Mark Edward Waugh() graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude with a BA in History in 2012.() In 2012-2013, Mark lived in Daegu, South Korea and taught debate at the Korean Debate Society Institute and traveled extensively in the Southeast Asia area.

“Mark was a witty, intelligent, compassionate young man known for his infamous shenanigans. Mark loved football, bacon, card games, and wrestling with his brothers.”

Follow the story of Mark Waugh for yourself tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS 48 Hours.

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