‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Star Cynthia Bailey Admits That She And Peter Thomas Are ‘Definitely Not Together’ – Will ‘RHOA’ Stars Be Divorcing Soon?

It’s no secret now that Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are having some major marriage trouble. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is finally admitting that their problems might not be something they can fix after weeks of rumors. It turns out that Cynthia and Peter aren’t just separated, they are living in separate states. Cynthia recently talked about her crumbling relationship with Peter and it looks like the reality TV couple are headed for divorce.

Bravo recently posted an interview with Cynthia Bailey on The Daily Dish. In it, the RHOA star opens up about the current state of her marriage to Peter Thomas and from the sound of it, they aren’t even trying to get back together.

Cynthia did clear up some information about their living situation, though. Previous reports suggested that she was still staying in their Atlanta home and that is not correct. Cynthia said that while Peter lives in Charlotte to take care of his business ventures there, she is currently living in New York.

“The status of our relationship is we are not in a good place. Peter is in Charlotte, and as you can see, I’m in New York,” Cynthia said. “We’re definitely not together. I have been taking some time for myself to just kind of figure out how I would like to move forward. We haven’t officially done anything at this point, but we are definitely talking about taking steps to officially move forward in a different direction.”

Cynthia and Peter seemed to be doing better during the RHOA couples trip to Jamaica and that had fans thinking they might have overcome the cheating rumors that had been plaguing Peter. That was not the case, though and Cynthia admitted that she and Peter did have fun in Jamaica but that the trip didn’t fix problems that the couple was having before.

Bailey also turned her attention to Porsha Williams, who has a lot to say lately about Peter Thomas and the video of him cozying up to a woman who is not his wife. “She should probably get some new material, especially since it doesn’t look like we’re going to make it,” Cynthia said. “So I don’t know what she’s going to run with going forward. That part of her mission is gonna be over soon.”

It looks like Peter may not have given up on his marriage as quickly as Cynthia. Soon after the Real Housewives of Atlanta star spoke out about her marriage, Peter responded via Instagram. In a video he posted, Peter Thomas said, “When someone tells you that they have you between a rock and a hard place, I don’t think that they understand that both surfaces are hard, so you’re gonna come out swinging. I’m fighting, baby.”

It seems that Peter’s insistence that he won’t give up hasn’t really phased Cynthia. Could it be that just too much damage has been done? When asked if Peter was talking about her in his Instagram video and what her reaction was, Bailey admitted that she hadn’t seen the Instagram video. She did comment on it, though, by saying, “I think he’s definitely the kind of man that’s not gonna go out without a fight. And part of that is great and romantic.”

Cynthia wasn’t done responding to Peter yet. “However, there just comes a point where you just gotta really think about what you’re fighting for,” Cynthia continued. “Like, fighting to just fight for something is not always smart. At some point, you just gotta know when to be all in. You gotta know when to be all out. And I’m an all in kind of girl when I’m all in. I think that’s been clear since I met him, but once I go the other direction, then I gotta walk toward the other direction.”

It sounds like Cynthia Bailey is done with Peter Thomas and is ready to move on. Do you think the Real Housewives of Atlanta star will reconcile or is their marriage doomed?

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