Watch ‘Eat Bulaga’ Live Online: Streaming Video Of April 2 AlDub Episode, Details On July Anniversary Special

Fans can watch the April 2 Eat Bulaga episode live online and see where the AlDub saga will go next, and what special event could be on the horizon for the one-year anniversary of the phenomena in July.

The long and winding love story of Alden and Yaya Dub is now in its 37 Week anniversary, drawing millions of fans through to watch Eat Bulaga online and share their love on social media. There could also be a huge special on the horizon, one that rivals the popularity of last year’s Tamang Panahon special.

A full replay of the April 2 Eat Bulaga episode can be seen below.

The AlDub phenomena started unassumingly, as what seemed to be a throwaway love story on the popular Filipino noontime show. But the incredible chemistry of actor Alden Richards and viral video star Maine Mendoza made it an immediate hit, and fans have been tuning in by the millions to see where their twisting and turning love story will go next.

Along the way AlDub has become an international phenomena and smashed records with its live concert in October, which set the all-time record for Twitter. There may be another huge event ahead to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

As The Hive Asia reported, Richard and Mendoza teased the AlDub anniversary special during an appearance to promote the brand Bench.

“I’ve got a surprise for AlDub Nation. It’s for you to find out,” Richards said.

Alden Richards said they couldn’t give away too many details, but both said it would be something fans would love.

“I am certain you will all be happy. It’s a great great anniversary gift for you,” Mendoza said.

As The Hive reported, there is speculation that another movie could be on the way.

“The announcement sparked speculations that the two stars are working on another movie together, following the release of the MMFF entry, ‘My Bebe Love,’ earlier this year. There were also rumors that the two of them will be starring in the Pinoy version of the hit Korean drama, You Who Came From the Stars.

“Meanwhile, some speculated that there may be another concert to rival last year’s October concert, ‘Tamang Panahon,’ which also marked the first time the AlDub team appeared together after communicating via a split screen for months through Eat Bulaga!”

The upcoming AlDub anniversary event could end up even bigger than the previous special as Mendoza and Richards are only getting more popular over time. The Inquirer noted that the two are spokespeople for than 40 different brands.

“In just seven months since its debut on TV in July, 2015, AlDub’s combined earnings have reached P200 million—based on conservative estimates by sources interviewed by Inquirer Lifestyle,” the report noted.

The pair have become international stars as well, with the AlDub saga gaining popularity across Asia and even in the United States.

But there could be a major change for Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Referred to as AlDub since the beginning, the couple’s story could soon be getting a new nickname. Last month the pair appeared in a commercial for Magnolia, and in it they were referred to as MaiChard. Many fans have taken on the name, including it in tweets of the show’s hashtags.

Fans who miss the livestreaming video of the April 2 Eat Bulaga episode can catch a full replay of the AlDub episode above.

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