‘Jersey Shore’ Star Pauly D Named 7th Weathiest DJ In The World, Makes $11 Million Per Year

Jersey Shore reality show star Pauly DelVecchio was listed by Forbes’ at the seventh wealthiest DJ in the world. Paul Pauly DelVecchio, affectionately known as DJ Pauly D, reportedly earns $11 million a year spinning music. The Jersey Shore star is originally from Rhode Island, according to the New York Daily News.

Female fans of the Jersey Shore reality show may be delighted to know that Pauly D is currently single. DelVecchio, who describes himself as a “Guido” maintains all the success has not gone to his head.

“They say that success changes a person. I say it changes the people around you. They don’t know how to act around you,” Pauly DelVecchio told the New York Daily News while getting ready for an ad campaign photo shoot earlier this week. “I have all this amazing stuff going on and I’d like to maybe someday have someone to share it with.”

Pauly D lamented during the New York Daily News interview about the obstacles which exist when attempting to determine who is “genuine” and who is simply interested in fame or money. Pauly DelVecchio also noted his interest in have a “little bambino” one day. If you plan on attending one of the Pauly D upcoming promotional events, do not ask him to sign your baby, he simply will not oblige.

“I don’t do it. You want me to hold it, I”ll hold it. I’ll take a picture, but I won’t sign it,” Pauly DelVecchio stated during the interview. Apparently some fans attending past events have handed the wealthy DJ a ballpoint and a baby instead of a pad and pen.

Pauly DelVecchio confirmed rumors are circulating that the next season of Jersey Shore will be the last. But Pauly D also notes nothing official from the hit reality show’s producers has been said to him about the end of the Jersey Shore reality series.