WWE News: John Cena Confirms He’s Cleared To Return, ‘Wrestlemania 32’ Appearance Likely

Despite certain reports claiming that John Cena is still months away from an in-ring return, the leader of the Cenation confirmed to Complex Magazine on Friday that he is cleared to return.

Cena, 38, has been out of action since the beginning of the year with a major shoulder injury. After undergoing surgery for the ailment, Cena was expected to be out for over half-a-year and was reportedly not a factor in WWE’s plans — including WrestleMania 32 — for several months going forward. He even confirmed at a press conference announcing WrestleMania 33 in Orlando next year, that he would not be wrestling at “Showcase of the Immortals.” However, not only is Cena ready to return, he said that he should be back in action already.

“If you ask me today, I should’ve been back two weeks ago. I’ve logged almost 400 hours of physical therapy. I got 111 visits in 12 weeks time. I go every single second I can. People say I have a Wolverine-like style of recovery. I was given a nine-month quota to come back and after three months I can tell you that I am ready to do anything asked of me possible. It’s a matter of when they call me.”

[Image via WWE]
[Image via WWE]
Cena’s “wolverine-like style of recovery” is nothing new as the 15-time WWE champion has missed time due to injury in the past. However, each injury has seemingly been a test to see not how well he recovers, but how quickly his injury can heal.

After tearing a pectoral muscle in early October of 2007, Cena returned just a few months later to win the 2008 Royal Rumble. It was a remarkable recovery, as Cena was initially expected to miss anywhere from seven months to a year of in-ring time. Later that year, Cena suffered a broken neck in a match against Batista at SummerSlam, only to return a few months later.

More recently, Cena suffered a torn tricep in 2013 and underwent surgery after losing the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. Once again, Cena returned just a few months later after initially being given a prognosis of a four- to six-month recovery.

[Image via WWE]
[Image via WWE]
Also, due to the injury, it is the first time since WrestleMania XIX in 2003 that Cena is not scheduled for a match on WWE’s biggest stage. As previously noted by the Inquisitr, Cena has left seven of the last 12 WrestleMania’s as a WWE titleholder. Additionally, since WrestleMania XXII in 2006, Cena has wrestled in the final match on a WrestleMania card five times.

Cena was asked if he’s angry about not being scheduled for a match at WrestleMania 32.

“Not at all because it’s not time. Like I said, they call and I answer.”

As Cena has stated himself in recent weeks, he will be able to enjoy WrestleMania 32 as a fan, a unique opportunity for a performer who is usually one of the main attractions for the event. Cena has also been rumored to potentially get physically involved in one of the main event matches. If that is the case, Cena revealed that there’s one match he is especially excited to see.

“Shane-Undertaker because of what’s at stake—the stakes are what determines how important a match is. Yes, we all want to be champion, but Shane returning after a seven-year absence to only have one match and if he loses, he’s gone. If he wins, things change drastically. If he beats the Undertaker I can confidently say that’s probably the last time we are going to see the Undertaker because if the Undertaker is as good as he says he is, for him to lose to someone coming off a seven-year sabbatical, maybe you’ve lost a step kid. Maybe it’s time to move aside.”

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