‘Shades Of Blue,’ Was This Show Canceled Or Renewed?

Shades of Blue is one of the unexpected gems NBC has pulled off this season. It is a cop drama, but the personal relationships also play a major role. The fine line between good cop and bad cop is walked on a lot, and the Shades of Blue characters often cross the line. Jennifer Lopez is the main star, opposite Ray Liotta. The two have chemistry that couldn’t be faked, and it makes their complicated relationship more believable. The Season 1 finale of Shades of Blue aired last night, and now fans are wondering about whether or not Season 2 will be happening.

The season finale of Shades of Blue offered some interesting happenings, some of which need a follow-up. While Season 1 was only 13 episodes, it packed enough drama to keep fans coming back for more. Now that it is over, fans are wondering whether or not they will be able to get the answers they so desperately want. According to Variety, Shades of Blue has been renewed by NBC. The official announcement came back in February, but many fans seem to have missed it. There have been so many twists and turns on Shades of Blue, the anticipation for more will be killing fans until the show returns this fall.

Now that it has been confirmed that Shades of Blue will be returning, the speculations are flooding in. The Season 1 finale showed Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) killing Miguel (Antonio Jaramillo) in her apartment. That was enough to make anyone gasp. It was also shown that Wozniak (Ray Liotta) was about to be picked up by the FBI for his crimes. It was inferred that Harlee told him something, and he may have changed his mind. Will Wozniak be a free man for Season 2 of Shades of Blue, or will he be locked away in federal prison? The possibilities are endless, and fans are looking forward to spoilers once the new season begins filming.

There are some minor details available about Shades of Blue Season 2, but not many yet. Aside from the fact that it was picked up for a second season, here are a few other tidbits. According to Bustle, Shades of Blue will likely have 13 episodes for Season 2 as well. This is because Jennifer Lopez is incredibly busy, and she needs to be able to make time for filming. Shades of Blue was picked up back in 2014, and given the green light to go straight into production for a freshman season. It is being assumed that the entire cast will be returning, minus those who were killed off during Season 1.

Season 2 of Shades of Blue is going to have to be epic to beat the fascination found in Season 1. There are plenty of angles to work, especially now that Harlee has killed Miguel. Christina will be coming back home, and there will be questions. Harlee is going to need help from the crew to get rid of Miguel, but who will step up? Wozniak knows that Harlee is the snitch and if he tells the crew, it is over for her. The scenarios are plenty, and the suspense is heavy. All of this is going to come into play, but how will the writers work it all out?

As of now, Shades of Blue is remaining in the same time slot. The ratings it was able to garner were impressive, especially up against the Thursday night ABC line-up. Fans are excited to know there is more Shades of Blue on the horizon. As time draws closer to the premiere, spoilers will likely become available. There is so much to look forward to, but the most important issue for fans of Shades of Blue is the confirmation that a Season 2 is happening.

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