Apollo Nida Pushed Out Of Sons’ Lives: Phaedra Parks Pushing Other Role Models On Kids

Apollo Nida is currently spending some time in a prison in New Jersey, as he was transferred from Kentucky to New Jersey late last year. Once he was transferred, Phaedra Parks and their two children decided to go visit Apollo behind bars, and it sounds like he was thankful for the visit. But as it turns out, Nida may not see his children for the remainder of his sentence, as Parks isn’t too keen on taking her children to the prison once again. While Ayden may understand what’s going on, Dylan is too young to spend so much time in a prison.

According to a new Bravo report, Apollo Nida may be slowly pushed out of his sons’ lives based on Phaedra’s actions. In a recent interview, she revealed that she was still going forth with the divorce, and she’s trying to surround her children with positive male role models. In other words, she doesn’t feel that Apollo Nida is giving her children a positive person to look up to.

“Life happens and you never can predict what’s going to happen. And, of course, everyone gets married for love and everyone gets married with the expectation that it’s going to be forever. But unfortunately that is not always the reality,” Phaedra told the Daily Dish, as reported by Bravo. “Unfortunately he is not here and I can’t sulk about it. I’m very independent. I’ve always been independent. I’m a very smart woman, very understanding that, OK these are young boys, African-American children, and so I make it a point to try and engage good role models.”

While Nida has been serving time, Phaedra has tried to get some advice from various people on how to handle this prison sentence. Fans have seen her talk to Kandi Burruss and old friends on The Real Housewives of Atlanta about who she should bring into her life. According to Phaedra, Judge Greg Mathis, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan have all agreed to serve as mentors for her boys, whether Apollo Nida likes it or not.

“They all reach out to me and they are very strong men of color and they give me great tips because the reality is a woman cannot raise a man,” she said, revealing, “I will never understand what it’s like to be a man because I was born a woman. And so I want to put them in the room with men who have done wonderful things and understand what they will go through so that they can help me guide them.”

It is definitely admirable that Phaedra is thinking about her children and their futures, but she has to let Apollo see his children. She has to let them have a relationship with their father, or they may turn on her down the road.

“I’m trying to raise good children who are well rounded and civil-minded and that will be viable citizens and really be in a position to help others,” she revealed in the interview, not sharing how she feels about Apollo Nida’s decisions.

Nida decided to start various companies using fraudulent information, and he was caught by the feds. Since he is a repeat offender, he was sentenced to eight years behind bars.

According to TMZ, Apollo has expressed a desire to see his children. He has given several prison interviews, and in all of the interviews, he claims that he just wants to see his children. For a while, Nida was not a fan of his estranged wife, but it sounds like he doesn’t want to get the divorce.

What do you think of Apollo Nida not really seeing his children? Do you think Phaedra is keeping them from him?

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