Sylvester Stallone Slams Jack Whitehall On Claims He ‘Consoled’ Him After Oscars Loss

Sylvester Stallone is slamming comedian Jack Whitehall over claims that he “consoled” him after he lost the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Creed.

Stallone is fiercely denying Whitehall’s comments that the British comedian comforted him at an after-party for not winning. The Rocky star insists they are fabricated lies.

Mark Rylance won the Oscar for his part in Bridge of Spies.

Whitehall told the Mirror on Monday that he spoke with Stallone at the Governors Ball, following the Academy Awards ceremony. “I had to console him about missing out on his Oscar, telling him there was always next year. Or maybe if he did Creed 2 he might get a nod. I think it reassured him,” Whitehall said.

Whitehall went on to say that Stallone didn’t know anything about the actor who won the Best Supporting Actor award.

“Also, because he knew I was English, I had to tell him who Mark Rylance was,” Whitehall continued. “I talked him through all of Mark’s performances at the Globe theatre. Good old Sly, I loved him in Creed. And I love Mark Rylance, so I had to remain pretty neutral about it.”

Stallone took to Twitter and Instagram to deny the report. He emphatically asked why Whitehall would feel the need to fabricate such a story.

“NEVER met this young man Pity it has to be under these circumstances,” Stallone tweeted. On Instagram, he added, “I was very proud of my nomination, worked hard for it, so why would anybody create insulting lies that only distort wonderful memories. Why do it?”

Whitehall also spoke to the Daily Mail after Stallone’s denial, seemingly unaffected by the dismissal. He denounced that he made up the story and made it seem that the legendary Sylvester Stallon simply doesn’t remember meeting him.

“It’s sad Sly doesn’t remember meeting me. Clearly I made very little impression,” Whitehall said.

According to Daily Mail’s report, Stallone was outward in his disappointment of Rylance winning the Best Supporting Actor award. The 69-year-old won a Golden Globes award in the lead-up to the Oscars, and his hopes were reportedly high to win again for his role in Creed.

It’s believed that all of the hype around Creed overshadowed Mark Rylance’s work in Bridge of Spies.

If Jack Whitehall is lying about the interaction he had with Sylvester Stallone, why would he stir up trouble? Is he hoping to gain some publicity at Stallone’s expense or is it possible something took place and it’s a he-said, he-said situation taking place?

Celebrities do funny things to remain relevant or further their careers. Unfortunately, that can consist of building false stories and engaging in social media feuds with other stars. It’s a new-age mechanism that’s been proven to work quite well for many reality TV stars — as well as musicians. Their fans get absorbed in the Twitter and Instagram battles as it unfolds in real-time. The tabloids have a field day with it, too.

Is this one of those instances with Sylvester Stallone and Jack Whitehall? So far Whitehall hasn’t reacted to Stallone’s tweets other than to interview with the Daily Mail. Is he afraid to actually face Stallone on social media?

When actors lose out to winning an Oscar award, they’re unsurprisingly disappointing despite their applause and support for the named winner. Generally speaking, they know how to keep their feelings hidden from everyone. It’s safe to say that their acting skills are put to the test before millions of people when they appear at the Academy Awards.

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