Windows 10 Anniversary Update Brings Groundbreaking Improvements

Microsoft just kicked off its annual Build Developer Conference, and the company had some significant announcements, although the focus of the first day was Windows 10.

The Redmond-based company talked about the success of its newest operating system, which already has 270 million users in just eight months. According to the press event, Windows 10 has outpaced the adoption rate of Windows 7 in its early months with flying colors.

However, the 270 million current Win 10 users are not even halfway to the one billion target, which the company wants to achieve two years after launch.

It is worth noting that Windows 10 is currently a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users, although that promo will only last for the next four months. After that period, it is unclear whether Microsoft will make an extension for late adopters or require them to pay for the upgrade.

The Anniversary Update

An Anniversary Update will be released during the summer and will prepare Windows PCs as well as other devices to run Windows 10.

Of course, the update will not be complete without becoming available to the Xbox One.

With the Anniversary Update, Xbox One users can soon enjoy and use the apps and games built for the Universal Windows Platform. The report said that developers can even test software and use the Xbox One as a development kit once this update arrives.

“This morning, we will demonstrate how Windows 10 provides the most productive platform for game developers of all sizes,” said Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division.

This new feature is big, particularly for indie developers. With Microsoft allowing them to develop games and other apps using the Xbox, they can bring their creations to the market faster.

The Anniversary Update is the second-biggest improvement yet for Windows 10. The first one was the November Update that brought various bug fixes and performance enhancements to the operating system in its early stages.

Once this update has taken effect, the Windows Store will be used for all apps, regardless if they were originally developed for mobiles, PCs, tablets, or the Xbox One.

Update Additions

Aside from bringing some substantial improvements, the Anniversary Update will also bring all sorts of new features to Windows 10. Windows Hello, the biometric authentication feature of the operating system, may soon be used for all kinds of apps, including the new Edge browser.

Microsoft says it will add Advanced pen support after the Anniversary Update, which includes a sticky note app, a sketchpad, and virtual drawing tools. The Windows 10 update will also support the new gestures and pen input.

Cortana is also expected to make her way to the Xbox One. The virtual assistant can help you move files across devices and even send them to colleagues.

Bots, Bots, and More Bots

Finally, Microsoft executives said that chat interfaces could be the next trend in apps. Because of this, the company has created a new set of tools that will allow developers to build their chatbots.

These chatbots can reportedly change the way interactions are made in business. Instead of pizza parlor employees talking to a consumer or a hotel booking representative assisting a potential guest, a chatbot would do the job for them.

Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, began March 30 and will end on April 1.

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