Lisa Vanderpump Says Lisa Rinna Sent Her And Kyle Richards A Nasty Tweet About Yolanda Foster, Eileen Davidson Is The Manipulator

Despite the over-the-top, luxurious hotel that they stayed at, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ cast’s vacation in Dubai was hardly a vacation for Lisa Vanderpump. In fact, it seems that Lisa V. wishes that she had never gone on that trip. In her latest Bravo blog post recapping Tuesday night’s episode, Lisa V. called Dubai an “awful” experience, one that was “pretty damn negative.” The reason for Lisa V.’s negative feelings about the Dubai trip is due to Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson’s behavior towards her. As viewers saw on the latest episode, Lisa R., backed up by Eileen, accused Lisa V. of trying to manipulate her into dragging Kyle Richards into the speculation that Yolanda Foster has Munchausen syndrome rather than Lyme disease.

In her blog post, Lisa V., as she did in the episode, denied trying to manipulate anything. She denied Lisa R.’s accusation that after their talk in her home with Kyle, during which Lisa R. admitted that she engaged in a conversation with someone about Yolanda having Munchausen, she ran after Lisa R. as she was leaving and asked her, “Why didn’t you bring Kyle into this?”

Lisa V. pointed out that it’s ridiculous to believe that she would have tried to get Lisa R. to involve Kyle in the Munchausen accusation when Kyle was right there.

“Kyle was in my house, 30 feet away as I said goodbye to LR, so as if I would say, ‘Hey,I think you should drag Kyle into this hot mess, yes excellent idea, she is right over there…'”

Lisa V. also addressed the fact that Kyle seemingly confirmed to Lisa R. that Lisa V. did try to drag her into the Munchausen drama.

“Anyway, I went back inside, still reeling from the conversations that afternoon. Kyle and I discussed what had transpired, as we were still aghast at LR’s statement regarding Munchausen. I then told Kyle I THOUGHT LR was going to drag her into it…and told her as much. I would not have told Kyle that if I had just suggested to LR to include her…I love Kyle, and I don’t understand why she would say that I said to her, ‘I just told LR to drag you into it.’ It was a contentious issue, and if I had stated that to Kyle, it would’ve been a problem for sure.”

As shown on the episode, during a meeting with Kyle Richards and Kathryn Edwards, Lisa Rinna told them that Lisa Vanderpump ran after her and asked why she didn’t drag Kyle into it after the Munchausen talk. Instead of being surprised, Kyle said that she knew that had happened months ago. Interestingly enough, Kyle actually seemed to co-sign Lisa R.’s accusation that Lisa V. was being manipulative. Kyle explained that after Lisa V. spoke to Lisa R., Lisa V. went back in and told her, “I thought she [Rinna] was gonna throw you in it.” Kyle added that she then told Lisa V. that she knew what she was trying to do and to stop it.

“I said, ‘Why would you say that?’ I said to her, ‘Why are you saying my name to Rinna?’ I said, ‘Don’t be planting seeds.’ I said to her, ‘If you’re gonna take me down, I’ll take you down in flames with me,’ is what I said to her.”

Kyle then explained that she’s not upset about what Lisa V. tried to do because she believes that Lisa V. really does care about her and that she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship that they now have, a friendship that they have worked hard to get back.


In her confessional interview, Kyle said that she knows when Lisa V.’s trying to do something.

“I know when Lisa Vanderpump’s up to something. I know her well enough to know. She wanted Lisa Rinna to say, ‘Kyle and I have been talking about the whole Munchausen thing. I said, ‘Lisa, I know exactly what you’re doing right now.'”

Besides defending herself, Lisa V., in her blog, also made an accusation of her own against Lisa R. According to Lisa V., Lisa R. actually sent her and Kyle an “extremely aggressive” email in which she questioned why Yolanda skipped out on her daughters’ fashion show appearances during New York Fashion Week. Lisa V. claims that Lisa R. tried to get a response out of her on the matter but she chose to not to get herself involved. Lisa V. believes that when she and Kyle refused to go with Lisa R.’s plan to bash Yolanda, Lisa R. turned on them.

“A text had been sent from LR (I bring this up at the reunion), to Kyle and I that was extremely aggressive towards YF, questioning why YF wouldn’t go to NY to see her kids in a fashion show but could go to accept an award for Lyme, a rant that was asking for a response…I responded I had no thoughts I was willing to share with her, as she would accuse me of ‘manipulating’ her, LOL…She responded, ‘I can only be manipulated if I am manipulable, and I want your thoughts.; I curtly responded, ‘OK you want my thoughts?…I don’t like this one iota.’ And that is when everything shifted between LR and me. I believe when I chose not to support LR’s accusations against Yolanda, she then began targeting me. Kyle also defended YF as she was also still included in the group text. I have to say LR should’ve been grateful I had such loyalty to her and didn’t show YF the lengthy text which was pretty nasty and unfairly judgemental.”

In her blog, Lisa V. also pretty much accused Eileen of being the manipulator. Lisa V. described Eileen, who for some reason is still so bothered by the “affair” question regarding the start of her marriage to Vince Van Patten, as wearing “a director’s hat” and who is “orchestrating discussions to be brought to the forefront” by her “aggressively pursued” “mouthpiece,” i.e. Lisa R. Lisa V. then seemingly likened Eileen’s attempt to bring her down to how her marriage began.

“She won’t stop until she gets what she wants…Boom.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa Vanderpump, in a previous blog post, gave her opinion that Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson are going after her because they have nothing else to offer as housewives on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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