How Rob Kardashian And Lamar Odom ‘Lift Each Other Up’ During Their Personal Struggles

Rob Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been helping each other get through personal struggles in their lives, E! Online reports.

“Rob and Lamar speak all the time,” an alleged insider source told E! News. “They have a very strong friendship and have helped each other out of dark times and continue to lift each other up.”

Rob had been avoiding the media spotlight until very recently when his relationship with Blac Chyna became public knowledge. During his time away, many noted that he had put on a lot of weight and seemed to be in the midst of a deep depression. But since he’s been involved with Chyna, it seems that he’s a lot happier and healthier. Based on his photos with his family from his birthday celebration, it looks like he’s mended his relationship with his sisters.

According to Hollywood Life, Lamar Odom may have had a hand in making that happen. Hollywood Life reports that during a Super Bowl Sunday hike with Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom couldn’t stop talking about Rob and the fact that he should be closer to the family.

“Lamar places an extremely high value on family, and he wants Rob and Blac Chyna to join them on their next family outdoor session. Lamar couldn’t stop talking about Rob during the hike,” an reported insider commented to Hollywood Life. “Lam was gushing with joy for Rob and told Khloe and Kim they should be too! He told them he relates to Rob and that all they both need is love from their families. Lamar wants to go hiking again, with the entire Kardashian clan, and told Khloe and Kim that Rob and his girl need to be included because it’s the right thing to do and Rob needs the support.”

It seems that Lamar’s influence did some good. Kris Jenner recently stated that she would be happy if Chyna would come by for family events, E! Online reports.

“Kris Jenner would like Blac Chyna to start coming to family events once things have calmed down a bit,” the insider told E! “All the sisters are happy to have their brother back. Kylie Jenner is also coming around now.”

It looks like they’re just happy to have their brother back in their lives.

“They haven’t seen Rob come out of his shell like this in years,” another source previously told E! News. “The family is very grateful for Blac’s help with giving Rob ‘confidence’ again and putting his health and fitness first.”

The friendship between Lamar Odom and Rob Kardashian isn’t one sided though. E! Online reports that Rob visited Lamar Odom when Odom was released from hospital last year. In October, Lamar was found unconscious at The Love Ranch in Nevada and was hospitalized. There were fears that he may have lost his motor and cognitive skills because of his health crisis. But, after successive public outings with the Kardashians, it looks like those fears are unfounded.

An insider source told E! Online that Lamar and Rob comfort each other. They “share a lot of similar demons” with regards to their self esteem and sense of self-worth. There were even reports that Rob offered to donate a kidney to Lamar when it looked likely that the former Los Angeles Laker would need one.

It looks like Lamar will need some more professional help and Khloe Kardashian wants him to go to rehab. Us Weekly reports that Odom was seen drinking at a bar the Saturday night before Easter Sunday. TMZ posted a photo of Odom at the Johnny O’Brien pub in L.A.’s Sherman Oaks neighborhood.

“I hate this feeling… Helpless,” Kardashian, 31, tweeted to her millions of followers and did not offer any kind of context for her statement. Many assume she was talking about the Lamar Odom situation, however.

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