WWE News: Big News On Shane McMahon Possibly Sticking Around After ‘WrestleMania 32’

Shane McMahon made his triumphant return to the WWE around a month ago to the shock of every fan sitting in the Detroit crowd for WWE RAW. No one expected Shane to come back to television, even though WWE does mysteriously have a DVD planned for him this year. That is neither here nor there, though. What is interesting is that Shane made his comeback at a huge time. Fans have been wanting to see Shane McMahon make his way back to WWE for years now. In fact, no one ever wanted to see him leave.

Above all, Shane is said to be the favorite McMahon among fans, and even those backstage. It is said that “the boys” were hopeful that Shane would take over, as he treated everyone great. Everyone respected Shane, but they also knew he was not like his father. That was the thing that most liked on a personal level. While Shane was said to have not been good on the creative end, running the company is more than actually telling the stories we see on TV. Shane very well could have handled everything on the business end, and left creative to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

The problem was that he felt he was ready to take a larger role in WWE and help run the operation, but Vince didn’t want to give up the throne just yet. Shane then went on to do other things and became very successful in his own right. Now he’s back, which started a lot of talk. Is the prodigal son coming home to take the throne before his sister can take over as Queen, along with the King of Kings in Triple H by her side?

Shane elbow

According to Daily Wrestling News, there’s a possibility he could do just that. Shane O’Mac has been spending a lot of time with his dad at every event he has been part of. He has been watching how the show goes on and seeing what all is different now compared to when he left. Naturally, this has started a lot of talk backstage on whether or not he will be sticking around post-WrestleMania.

It does look like that possible now more than ever. First and foremost, Shane McMahon might be in the best shape of his life. Why get in such shape if you’re not planning to do more than one thing with WWE? Arguably, he’s in as good of shape as anyone on WWE’s roster right now. On top of this, Shane has been well-received backstage since his return. Most expected that due to his interpersonal skills. He hasn’t rubbed anyone the wrong way, and many are happy to see him.

This is a good thing for Shane. Many want to know if he’ll leave right after WrestleMania, but it does not look like he will. The reason for this is because many feel Shane has the itch to be with the company again, whether that is part of the business itself or as a TV character. If he just did TV, it would be one day a week. It would surely be able to fit in his schedule, and the times it cannot, an excuse can be made.

Shane Taker Vince

Shane’s return storyline wise was rumored to be part of the brand split. The company is rumored to be using Shane McMahon as a catalyst to the split that fans have wanted for some time now. This also would allow The Authority to have their own brand to run with SmackDown, where Shane would get RAW to control. Many feel that Shane McMahon’s return was really about two things. The first is to give The Undertaker an opponent no one would expect, and the second is to help sell a long-term story. It was uncertain what the story would be.

Now, we know it could be the split. Shane calls himself the “instrument of change” in the WWE. Having a guy say that the week of WrestleMania and then leave sounds sort of nuts. While he may not be writing his own promos, a lot can be said about them.

Most fans feel that he wouldn’t put so much time into his look and talk about loving his time back with WWE publicly and privately if he was just going to leave after and potentially never be seen again. Plus, now we know he’s been hanging around with production instead of just doing his job and going home, which shows interest where others wouldn’t have it. It does appear Shane will beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. That means he will have to stick around for at least a few more months. The exact time he’ll stick around is not yet known, but now that he appears to have the itch to be with the family business again, we may see him for a lot longer than we realize.

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