Should Conor McGregor Head Directly Into A Nate Diaz Rematch?

Conor McGregor has already stated he is ready for another try. But Conor McGregor’s best advice may be to wait and fight others in his same weight class before he charges at that brick wall again. Nate Diaz doesn’t seem to mind getting the chance to whoop McGregor again. But Conor is convinced the outcome will be different if he can get another try at UFC 200, as reported on USA Today. He has been boasting on social media to a nonchalant Nate Diaz, who seems to not mind either way.

But Nate Diaz isn’t in this fight for the same reasons as McGregor. In fact his reasons for being in mixed martial arts have nothing to do with holding title belts. In a recent interview with UFC On Fox, Diaz seemed incredibly detached about the issue of a rematch.

“If that’s he wants to do and if that’s what the UFC wants to do then let’s run it back. Let’s do it again. But if not, whatever.”

Though Diaz isn’t so hyped up about another fight with McGregor, someone who is actually in Conor’s weight class has been eager for that opportunity, and upset about missing out at the chance due to Conor’s recent obsession with jumping weight classes.

Frankie Edgar thought he and McGregor would be in the ring, not Diaz. With all the talk of a Diaz McGregor rematch, Edgar thinks his chances for a shot at one of the UFC’s most popular fighters will again not meet with reality.

Frankie Edgar’s manager voiced his frustration about not being able to lock down a match with McGregor via social media. He is blaming the UFC for allowing McGregor to choose who he fights and insinuates that he is making choices for the purpose of avoiding a fight with Edgar. Being one of the UFC’s biggest stars, perhaps McGregor does have more choice. But that doesn’t mean he is necessarily choosing to avoid Edgar.

Rather then fighting someone who really doesn’t care much about winning or losing, McGregor might do well to play it safe and head back to his own weight class. Nate Diaz came into that last fight unprepared and still won. This time Nate Diaz will have time for a full training camp and is looking for money fights, not necessarily title belts.

Diaz further revealed his monetary motivations for fighting to the UFC On Fox.

“That title thing is a fairy tale. All these guys are like ‘I want the belt. I want to be the champion.’ But the best fighters in the world are getting paid the best money. That belt thing, as far as I’m concerned, is a fairy tale. That might piss a lot of people off, but money talks.”

A fighter that really doesn’t care about much is going to be a challenge for a fighter with pride and reputation on the line. McGregor’s ego would feel the shock before his body does. If he loses a second time, then Diaz will cement himself in position for all the money that more big fights can bring.

Boxer Andre Berto also advises against going for a Diaz rematch too soon. He’s a friend of McGregor and an experienced fighter himself. Berto holds the distinction as the final opponent of Floyd Mayweather. That doesn’t mean his words will have the impact. Only a direct punch from Diaz will do that. Somehow beating Jose Aldo had McGregor thinking that he is on top of all weight classes, and that he should just go for it. It goes to show the reason weight classes exist. But Conor McGregor will still try to prove he is the Superman of the UFC world.

[Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images]