With Win Tonight, Golden State Can Smell All-Time Best NBA Record

The Chicago Bulls may just have their all-time best NBA record swept away from them, as it is now being sought out by the Golden State Warriors after their win tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers. After tonight's win, Golden State simply needs to win seven of the last nine games.

[Photo by Ben Margot/ AP Images]
[Photo by Ben Margot/AP Images]The Chicago Bulls claimed their title back in 1995-1996 after their 72-10 record, ESPN reports. They won 18 games in a row during a stretch of that season and won a record-breaking amount of road games, 33 to be exact.

The Golden State Warriors started out this season with a 24-0 run. Currently, after their win against the Philadelphia 76ers, Golden State sits at a 66-7 record, closely comparable to the Chicago Bulls during their record-breaking year of 65-8.

SportsLine's Projections show that the Golden State Warriors have a 72.2 percent chance of beating the Chicago Bulls' all-time record. CBS Sports shares some light on future game predictions that could give Golden State the new record.

  • March 29: Golden State Warriors Vs. Washington Wizards
This game looks to be a given, as the Washington Wizards has a not so good offensive team, giving the Warriors a 91 percent chance of winning.
  • March 30: Golden State Warriors Vs. Utah Jazz
Although the Warriors pulled through and won the last two games they had against the Utah Jazz, Golden State did have some trouble during the last one, which just so happened to be an away game. There is a prediction that the Golden State Warriors have a 68 percent chance of winning in their next game, which will be a home game, giving them an even better edge.
  • April 1: Golden State Warriors Vs. Boston Celtics
Boston has a difficult time standing up to "star power," thus giving the Golden State Warriors a predictive 84 percent chance.
  • April 3: Golden State Warriors Vs. Portland Trail Blazers
If the Warriors don't give the Blazers a confidence boost, they have an 87 percent chance of winning this game.
  • April 5: Golden State Warriors Vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
The Warriors have the Timberwolves in the bag with their 19-3 record against them, giving them a 92 percent predictive chance of winning the game on April 5.
  • April 7 and April 10: Golden State Warriors Vs. Antonio Spurs
Wondering whether or not the Spurs will be resting players, the Golden State Warriors are looking at a 92 percent chance on the 7th. Not that the Spurs are going to give away a win to the Warriors, but they may not be playing all of their best players, giving the Warriors the edge; however, the Spurs may just have a slight edge on the 10th, with a 49 percent winning chance.
  • April 9 and April 13: Golden State Warriors Vs. Memphis Grizzlies
Besides the fact that the Grizzlies may be resting some players, they will be losing out on Marc Gasol and possibly Mike Conley. Without the Memphis Grizzlies completely healthy, the Golden State Warriors have the winning prediction of 74 percent on the 9th and a whopping 91 percent during the Warriors home game on the 13th.

So, how do the Golden State Warriors compare to the Chicago Bulls winning-record team? According to the chart provided by NBA, Golden State kept their perfect record through the 24th game, whereas the Bulls lost their first game on six against Orlando Magic. On the 24th game, the Bulls had lost two games in total.

During game 40, the Golden State Warriors started to lag behind the Bulls when they lost their 4th game against the Detroit Pistons. However, the Warriors held on to their wins for the next 11 games before losing their 5th game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1996 Record Breaking Team
[Photo by J.D. Cuban/Getty Images]Overall, with the Golden State Warriors standing close to the Chicago Bulls' all-time winning record, it does look like Golden State is one step above Chicago and just may succeed at taking the record.

[Photo by Ben Margot/AP Images]