Lakeland, Florida Security Guard Fatally Shoots Teen Who Shot Him In The Face With A BB Gun

A Lakeland, Florida security guard fatally shot a 15-year-old teen who allegedly shot him in the face with two pellets from a BB gun. Shawn Plain, 19, was apparently charging his cell phone in the laundry room of the apartment building where he worked at about 4:45 a.m. when a young male appeared at the door and shot him. Plain observed the young male to also be in the company of other males. Plain pursued the male and the others who were with him and opened fire. The deceased has been identified as Stephen Brenor, 15.

According to Yahoo News, Brenor was shot in the leg. Plain returned to the laundry room to retrieve his cell phone and then went back to the parking lot where Brenor had been shot. Plain called 911, but Brenor died later as a result of his injuries.

The incident occurred on Saturday morning, writes Bay News 9, at the Willow Glen Apartments located at 929 N Gilmore Avenue in Lakeland. The Lakeland, Florida security guard says that the other males in the company of Brenor were also carrying what he believed to be handguns. The other males have not yet been apprehended. Plain also states that Brenor apologized for shooting him and asked that he call an ambulance. Police recovered a Ruger pellet gun on the pavement in the vicinity of the crime scene. It has not yet been definitively determined whether it is the weapon that was used to shoot Plain.

10 News says that Plain described what he was feeling at the time.

“… [he felt] several stinging sensations on his face and thought he had just been shot in the face.”

Plain also says that “he was in fear for his life” when he pulled out his own handgun. He fired several shots at the suspects who were pointing their weapons at him as he exited the laundry room.

A police report of the incident documents Brenor as a known gang member. The Ledger identifies him as residing at 1501 Providence Road in Lakeland. The fatal wound was made to the back of his leg. Lakeland Police Department spokesman Sgt. Gary Gross said that Brenor died while in surgery at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Sgt. Gross offers a possible motive as to why Brenor fired shots at Plain in the first place. Plain was seated while his phone was charging. Although he was wearing a company shirt with “Security” clearly marked on it, he was wearing a jacket over it.

“You couldn’t see it because he had a black jacket on over it. [The suspects] may have just thought they were going in there to rob this guy and take his phone while he was waiting on his clothes.”

Plain was treated at Lakeland Regional Health for two pellet wounds to the face.

Multiple commenters on social media have started a debate that questions why Plain would shoot Brenor if he was running away from the scene. Some asked why Plain did not shoot as Brenor was pointing his gun at him instead of when the victim’s back was turned to him.

However, investigators told Fox 13 that Plain will likely not be charged as they consider the shooting to be in self-defense. Multiple witnesses have verified Plain’s account of the incident.

Sgt. Gross continued to add that the entire situation was a sad one for both the Lakeland security guard and Brenor.

“He’s only 19. Regardless of what people are saying, he’s going to have to live with that for the rest of his life.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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