Easter Egg Hunt Horror: Child Left ‘Bloodied’ After Adults Push, Steal Buckets From Children During Free Event

Greedy adults went on a rampage at the PEZ headquarters Easter egg hunt in Orange, Connecticut, on Saturday. In a scene described as “worse than Walmart on Black Friday,” parents rushed the field leaving their small children behind in a bid to snatch up as many of the 9,000 eggs as possible. However, the adults didn’t stop with hunting for the eggs for their children, they also pushed kids to the ground and were even seen stealing baskets from children as the PEZ staff were overwhelmed by the large crowd. In the aftermath of the Easter egg mob, a 4-year-old child was found “bloodied” on the field and other small children, such as a 2-year-old little girl, were pushed into the mud.

The Daily Mail reports that what was supposed to be a fun community event for Easter turned into chaos as staff at the PEZ headquarters in Connecticut were overwhelmed and unable to control the scene and adults rushed the field to pick up the 9,000 eggs instead of children. One person who witnessed the horror egg hunt says that ‘”not one toddler hunting for eggs” among the sea of greedy adults.

“It was worse than being at Wal-Mart on Black Friday, My toddler that was standing with her brothers were shoved into the field and went with the flow. By that time it didn’t matter. I had to yell GO to my boys because it was like an angry mob of chaos. In the toddler field it was more of a greedy parent field. Not one toddler hunting for eggs. It was nuts. Way too many people and more than their staff could handle.”

Another person attending the Easter egg hunt with his 4-year-old son also describes the scene as chaotic, noting that at 10:30 a.m., when the hunt was supposed to start, the field was bum rushed by mobs of parents and that his son’s Easter basket was broke before he even got an egg leaving him crying at the sideline of the chaos.

“When it came time at like 10.30a.m., the parents just bum-rushed that area. When my son left he had a broken basket and he was hysterically crying.”

PEZ Easter Egg Hunt
Perhaps the most frightening story was from a grandparent who says her grandson was left “bloodied” on the 9-12 field after being hit by an adult. She says that the problems didn’t end after her grandson was bloodied, she says things weren’t any better in the parking lot leaving as she was almost hit by a passing vehicle.

“My grandson ended up with a bloody from an ADULT in the 9-12 year old section knocking into him!!!! Where was PEZ personnel?? Where was the safety of our children in your thought process?? And to make matters worse, how about almost getting hit by a vehicle leaving your property, which had parked in your lot and was leaving, in very close proximity to the ‘egghunt’ field?”

The PEZ General Manager Shawn Peterson confirmed the chaos from the adults at the Easter egg hunt, saying that no one listened to instructions and simply went from field to field taking the eggs despite posted times.

“We started talking to people and say ‘hey this is supposed to start at certain time.’ That lasted about a minute and everyone just rushed the field and took everything. Unfortunately people chose to enter the first field prior to anyone from Pez staff starting the activity. The crowd moved to the second field, waited for only a couple of minutes and proceeded to rush the field without being directed to do so and before the posted start time.”

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