Guns, ISIS At ‘The Q’ In July? Petition Hits 28,658 Signatures For Firearms Open Carry At Quicken Loans Arena RNC

Ted Cruz is going to have more things to consider than blasting Donald Trump for what Cruz claims is a fake sex scandal invented by Trump, as reported by the Inquisitr. A petition to Cruz, Trump, and others on is getting plenty of attention and signatures. Titled “Allow Open Carry of Firearms at the Quicken Loans Arena during the RNC Convention in July,” the petition by “N A” out of Cleveland, Ohio, is rocking and rolling along. Already, the “Sign this petition” phrase has encouraged 28,658 supporters to sign the petition — with 6,342 needed to reach 35,000 signatures as of this writing.

The petition isn’t just for the Quicken Loans Arena — known as “The Q” to sports fans who are used to watching the Cleveland Cavaliers play basketball therein — but the petition also calls on the National Rifle Association, Governor John Kasich, the Republican National Committee, and others, like Reince Priebus — a lawyer, politician and chairman of the Republican National Committee. Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz are also called upon to bypass the rules of “The Q” and to let folks carry their guns into the Quicken Loans Arena during the RNC Convention in July.

Whereas Cruz and Trump might be embroiled in Twitter fights over the appearance of their wives, as reported by the Inquisitr, the petition is focused on turning “The Q” into the wild, wild west — with folks being able to protect and defend themselves with guns if things start “popping off” with those anti-Trump protesters.

While it was a fake site mimicking ABC News that reported anti-Trump protesters were being paid $3,500 to protest Trump, as reported by the Inquisitr, no doubt real anti-Trump protesters will show up at “The Q” in July to protest the presidential candidate. To imagine guns in the mix and the fray with Nazi-influenced Trump supporters who’ve shown up at previous rallies in Cleveland, telling folks to go back to Africa and go to Auschwitz — as reported by the New York Daily News — would be quite a scary sight indeed.

Nevertheless, the petition explains that Ohio is an open carry state, and goes on to explain the dangerous city of Cleveland, Ohio, and how that necessitates the need for guns.

The petition points to the website of The Q Arena, and its ban on “firearms and other weapons of any kind,” which are called strictly forbidden on the premises of Quicken Loans Arena. The Second Amendment is mentioned, with claims that not allowing guns in The Q puts everyone at risk who wants to attend the RNC.

The NRA’s claims that gun-free zones represent the most dangerous zones is touted in the petition, along with fears that an ISIS-like attack could happen.

Cleveland, Ohio is consistently ranked as one of the top ten most dangerous cities in America. By forcing attendees to leave their firearms at home, the RNC and Quicken Loans Arena are putting tens of thousands of people at risk both inside and outside of the convention site. This doesn’t even begin to factor in the possibility of an ISIS terrorist attack on the arena during the convention. Without the right to protect themselves, those at the Quicken Loans Arena will be sitting ducks, utterly helpless against evil-doers, criminals or others who wish to threaten the American way of life.

“EVERY AMERICAN HAS THE RIGHT TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THEIR FAMILY. The policies of the Quicken Loans Arena do not supersede the rights given to us by our Creator in the U.S. Constitution. From the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland: A suspension of their policy preventing the open carry of firearms on the premises of the arena from July 18-21, 2016 to coincide with the Republican National Convention.”

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