‘The Perfect Daughter’ Airs On Lifetime: Is This Based On A True Story?

It is time for another amazing Lifetime movie of the week and viewers are excited to see The Perfect Daughter. Of course, sometimes these movies are based on a true story and others they are not. The Perfect Daughter is a movie that is going to remind you of a lot of stories you have seen in the news. Bustle shared all about the new movie The Perfect Daughter and if this is really based on a true story or not. This is one movie that you are going to enjoy, but you may want to watch your daughter extra careful after seeing this movie.

Even though The Perfect Daughter is going to remind you of movies you have seen now and then, this is not a true story. The movie The Perfect Daughter doesn’t ever mention being based on a true story or being about facts. Here is what the movie is described as being about by MarVista Entertainment.

“Martin Parish loves his daughter Natalie more than life itself. The two have been inseparable ever since his wife died from cancer when Natalie was a toddler. When Martin picks Natalie up from a party at Sam Cahill’s—the town’s star hockey player—she is confused and very sick. Martin doesn’t understand what has happened and who is to blame. Then Natalie becomes increasingly distant causing a panicked Martin’s imagination to run wild. When he learns that she is pregnant, he’s convinced that Sam is the father and overreacts by making false accusations to the police. The more he tries to protect Natalie and gain her confidence, the more she slips away…and into Sam’s arms. As Natalie’s life grows more complicated, Martin struggles to hold on to the one thing that matters to him the most—the love of his daughter.”

The Perfect Daughter was originally called The Carpenter’s Daughter and they decided to change the name of the movie. The preview shows how Natalie is the perfect daughter and is actually at the top of her class. Natalie gets picked as the school treasurer as well. Then, her dad ends up finding his daughter drunk, but things aren’t as they seem. Of course, this movie is so much more than that and they have to fight it all out. Martin Parish will be working hard at being a single dad and doing the right thing for his daughter. He doesn’t think it was as simple as his daughter getting drunk and in trouble. This dad will do anything he can to protect his daughter.

2 Paragraphs shared about the guy who will be playing Sam in The Perfect Daughter. Sam is played by Reiley McClendo. You might know him from Will & Grace, ER, and Law & Order. One other show that Reiley McClendo is known well for is his role on The Fosters. This show is really popular and airs on Freeform. He was also on Just Legal. A lot of people are going to see Sam and try to figure out where they know this actor from because he is so familiar.

Are you excited to watch the new movie The Perfect Daughter tonight on Lifetime? Does this make you think of true life stories you have heard? Sound off in the comments section and don’t miss The Perfect Daughter when it premieres on Lifetime on Saturday, March 26. If you miss the first airing of The Perfect Daughter, it is going to air again tomorrow a couple of times so make sure you set the DVR.

[Photo by Alison Buck/Getty Images for Kari Feinstein]