Americans Killed In Brussels Terror Attack: Wife Of Air Force Colonel Confirmed Among The Dead

An American wife of an Air Force colonel has been confirmed among the dead in the devastating Brussels terror attack. A series of coordinated terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium, left 34 people dead and injured more than 270 people. The attacks took place at the Zaventem Airport and a train station in the neighborhood of Molenbeek.

The Daily Mail reports that at least two Americans have been confirmed dead in the Belgium terrorist attack which occurred on March 22. The attacks consisted of three coordinated bombings which took place at the busy Brussels Zaventem Airport as well as a train station. The news of the two American nationals being killed comes shortly after officials have confirmed that two Dutch siblings that have been living in New York were among the deceased. Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski, siblings who were from Holland but had been living in New York, were killed during the bombing.

Alexander Pinczowski was engaged to the former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark’s daughter Cameron. The former U.S. Ambassador James Cain confirmed Alexander’s death and notes that though the news is devastating, they are “grateful for closure.”

“We received confirmation this morning from Belgian Authorities and the Dutch Embassy of the positive identification of the remains of Alexander and Sascha. We are grateful to have closure on this tragic situation, and are thankful for the thoughts and prayers from all. The family is in the process of making arrangements.”

According to ABC News, like Alexander Pinczowski, the two Americans confirmed deceased in the Brussels terror attack had ties to U.S. personnel. The reports indicate that the two Americans killed in the attacks were living in Brussels and were spouses of U.S. personnel. One of the deceased was confirmed as the wife of a U.S. Air Force colonel.

Officials have not released the names of either of the deceased Americans but noted that both were living in Europe at the time of the attack and were spouses of personnel for the U.S. government. In addition to the two confirmed deaths in the Brussels terror attack, at least a dozen other Americans were injured in the bombing.

“At least 12 Americans were injured in the attacks according to the U.S. State Department. Among the injured are three American Mormons who were dropping off another Mormon missionary at the airport.”

It was also reported that included in the injured was an American military serviceman along with five of his family members. Following the horrific tragedy, the Secretary of State John Kerry spoke out about the events calling them “despicable attacks.”

“The United States is praying and grieving with you for the loved ones of those cruelly taken from us, including Americans, and for the many who were injured in these despicable attacks.”

Since the attacks, the Islamic State terror group has taken credit for the acts of violence. It is believed that up to five Islamic State bombers took part in the attack. The bombs used by the terror group are allegedly consistent with past attacks involving bombs loaded with nails and other shrapnel for mass devastation.

“Authorities believe the bombers used suitcases packed with explosives and nails, producing blasts so devastating that identifying bodies has been difficult, and sending deadly shrapnel hurtling through the airport terminal and metro station.”

The families of the deceased Americans have not come forward and more information will be provided as details become available and families are notified.

[Image by Geert Vanden Wijngaert/AP Photo]