Blake Lively Causes Controversy By Refusing To Uncross Legs In Front Row At Michael Kors Fashion Show

Blake Lively made headlines when she refused to follow a front row protocol at the Michael Kors Fashion Week show. Vanity Fair reported that Blake, who was sitting in the front row, defied fashion show rules by refusing to uncross her legs.

Individuals sitting in the front row at Fashion Week shows are supposed to uncross their legs to aid photographers, especially runway specialists, so they have a clear shot of the activity on the runway. The photographers need to focus on capturing every look perfectly as it comes down the runway with accurate timing. Additionally, covering the fashion show is an exhaustive job for the photographer. There have been instances where the photographer has collapsed from exhaustion or where the box or the ladder has collapsed.

Photographers have to look for the right spot in the photographer’s pit, as it is always the designer’s photographer who takes the prime spot. So the most important things that can affect the runway photographer are the feet of the celebrities who sit cross-legged in the front row and who don’t realize that their feet are dangling over the runway. Additionally, photographers don’t have the time to edit the images as they have to be electronically transferred to the editors who quickly upload them online in real time. It is expected that celebrities like Blake Lively will follow the rules of the fashion show as the event gives them a platform to promote their own upcoming movies and initiatives.

Blake Lively, for her part, seemed to have a great time at the fashion show, even sharing a photo of herself and her mother, with a caption that thanked Michael Kors for their front-row seats.

“Mama arm candy. Thank you @michaelkors for having us. And thank you for not arresting us when we attempted to sneak out with half the runway looks.”

Supporters of Blake Lively feel that Blake’s refusal to uncross her legs is not an outrageous one, and that it is unfair to overhype the issue. After all, this is the age of “guerilla fashion,” and fashion designers don’t have to strictly depend on dedicated professional photographers for promotions. Guerilla fashion is based on the concept of “guerrilla marketing:” a strategy to market products or services in an unconventional way with a minimum budget to spend. This involves the use of creative ways for grasping the public’s attention at a more memorable level.

There was a time when unauthorized photography was a sacrilege as the fashion industry was a closed community of designers, editors and retailers. Real-time information sharing was prohibited and it was not possible to create a live stream which telecast the show. In the mid-2000s, fashion bloggers made the fashion coverage more democratic by using their digital cameras, their iPhones and their iPads to capture and transmit fashion events. They blogged and tweeted in real time and their followers considered their words and images to be quite honest. Gradually, the trend picked up and, nowadays, most of the editors, celebrities, socialites and fashion influencers resort to blogging to reach out to their followers on Twitter or Instagram.

And in any event, the photos prove that Blake Lively was not the only front-row celebrity with their legs crossed.

In order to remain relevant today, a designer has to greatly depend on celebrities and “blogerati” like Blake Lively who can create a perfect social storm that will get the designer the required global publicity and unmatched brand exposure that they crave. Blake Lively is an avid Instagrammer who shares information about her latest ventures and movies, which get immediate public attention.

Recently, People reported that Blake Lively’s fans started speculating whether Blake will become a popstar after Blake used Instagram to let her fans know that she has teamed with musician Babyface to record a song for her upcoming movie All I See Is You.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]