'The Young And The Restless' Star Hunter King Celebrates 25th Birthday Giving Back And Healing Her Heart

Star of The Young and the Restless, Hunter King, who portrays Summer Newman in Genoa City, celebrated her 25th birthday today, and she did something special to mark turning a quarter of a century old.

The Inquisitr reported that King lost her beloved dog, Dallas, earlier this month. The loss devastated the actress, but King took to Instagram on her birthday to explain that she found a way to help heal the hole in her heart (which will never fully recover) by helping other animals in need.

The Life In Pieces star shared a precious video of herself feeding a tiny little gray kitten at Best Friends in Los Angeles, an animal shelter that's trying to become a no-kill shelter. In the video, the hungry kitten ate voraciously while King held the tiny little bottle to help facilitate the feeding while giving the small cat some human contact, too. King also shared a picture of herself all smiles holding the content baby animal after she finished feeding it.

An animal lover, King explained to her followers that since the loss of Dallas, she felt a void that she hadn't been able to fill. She wrote, "So what better way to help me cheer up and spend my 25th Birthday than to volunteer and bottle feed baby Kittens in need?"

The actress thanked the shelter for letting her come in and spread the love in celebration of her big day, and King said she could not wait to return another time to help more animals in need.

In two hours, the post garnered over 25,000 likes from her followers. Many of King's 450,000 fans on the popular social media platform responded positively to the sweet post, and they wished her a happy birthday, and some shared their stories of losing a beloved pet as well.

One fan wrote, "I did exactly that when I lost my beautiful little boy Zeus. Good on you for spending your spare time in spirit." Another replied, "Awww so cute. Such a wonderful and beautiful thing to do on your birthday, something for our little friends in need. You're such an incredible human Hunter. Hope u are enjoying your birthday beautiful."

Another follower commented in support of the shelter writing, "I love that place! They do so much good for our helpless fur babies! Happy Birthday, Hunter King!"

While helping a pet pass over rainbow bridge can often be heartbreaking, it sounds like King is finding joy in helping other animals in need. The Inquisitr wishes her the happiest of birthdays.