‘The Good Wife’: Peter Florrick Catches Alicia With Jason – Will It Finally Spell The End Of Their Marriage?

Last week on The Good Wife, Alicia saw her lover Jason Crouse kiss another woman from afar at a restaurant. Later in the episode, Alicia said it was she who should offer an explanation; after all, between the two of them, she was the one who was married. It was a jarring moment for fans who might have forgotten that the “wife” in The Good Wife is actually Alicia. On Sunday’s episode, Alicia’s husband Peter will encounter her and Jason together. It leads to an epic confrontation, according to Chris Noth, who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter.

“It brings up very primal feelings, let’s just put it that way. It appears that they come to the end of the line with their relationship in that fight. You feel like there’s nowhere else for them to go but I think they’ve been there before. They always teeter on the edge.”

Despite Peter’s sex scandal, and his imprisonment at the beginning of the series, Peter and Alicia never divorced. Both their children grew up on the show, with the youngest, Grace, due to start college this year. Despite the dirt the pair has endured — in addition to Peter’s dalliances, Alicia was in love with her college friend and law firm colleague Will Gardner — Noth does not think a divorce is inevitable for the Florricks.

“There’s a lot of scars but that binds them even closer in a strange way. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay together. I don’t know if they will. But their intimacy goes so far, they know each other so well that when there’s a fight, they just let it out.”

Noth revealed that he never expected his own role on the show would last the full seven seasons. Aware that the show would revolve around Julianna Margulies’ character, he suspected Peter would fade off into the sunset after the first couple of seasons. The Good Wife kept returning to its political storylines, however, keeping Noth on the guest actor roster. Noth says the flexibility worked for him as an actor, as he was able to commit to other projects while still maintaining a regular presence on The Good Wife.

The political subtext also meant plenty of screen time for Alan Cumming, who plays Eli Gold, first Peter’s and then Alicia’s political advisor. As Peter is involved in what might be one final political scandal as The Good Wife wraps up its final season, Cumming is looking forward to putting his character to bed — so he can change his hair. He told Vulture he doesn’t much enjoy being stuck with the same look for too long a period of time.

“Hair to me is the one thing that I was unable to control in my childhood, so, in my adulthood, I’ve kind of gone crazy and had like 65 million different hairstyles. I’m considering going blond again, actually, in the next week or so, after ‘The Good Wife’ finishes.”

The revelation comes as Cumming recently said working on The Good Wife helped him to welcome his inner “middle aged man.” Eli Gold is also in for another drama-filled episode on Sunday, as the attorney trying to prosecute Peter uses Eli’s daughter Marissa as leverage. Gold seeks out the legal advice of Diane Lockhart to protect his own interests.

Noth told The Hollywood Reporter he supported the show’s decision to wrap after seven seasons, since there’s no chance now storylines will be repeated in order to keep the program going. Noth has booked a regular role on the FX series Tyrant.

The Good Wife airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on CBS.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]