Trevor Noah Slams Ted Cruz As ‘The Daily Show’ Ratings Continue To Disappoint

Trevor Noah’s ratings have continued to slump. According to Showbuzz Daily, Noah is consistently attracting less than 900,000 viewers a night for The Daily Show. The ratings aren’t as disastrous as they were when Noah started, but they certainly aren’t up to the level of Jon Stewart’s show.

Perhaps due to the low ratings, Noah has become rather hard-hitting as of late. According to Mediaite, Noah went after Ted Cruz for his recent comments about President Obama.

Barack Obama

“Trevor Noah addressed the Brussels attacks on tonight’s Daily Show and the ‘extreme’ reactions to it from the GOP presidential candidates. He riffed a bit on how ‘awkward’ it was for President Obama to make a solemn message from a baseball game, but ended up defending the president from Ted Cruz criticizing him for it.”

The article adds that Trevor Noah called Ted Cruz a “sanctimonious jackass” for trying to score political points against the president. Noah stressed that Obama didn’t have to go to Belgium for people to understand he is completely with them. Many commenters under the article agree with Noah’s assessment but still criticized the South African comic.

“I’ve never watched the Daily Show since Jon left and I’m glad I haven’t. This Trevor guy seems like the first contestant voted off of ‘South African Last Comic Standing,’” claims foryourhealth.

“Trevor should be thanking Cruz and Trump. Without them he would have even less viewers, if that is possible,” claims Applecorped.

The night before, Salon praised Trevor Noah for his sincere segment regarding the Brussels bombings.

“Trevor Noah, at ‘The Daily Show,’ delivered what might have been his most sincere if awkward message to the audience in some time, following an interview with the Estonian prime minister, Taavi Rõivas.”

In the segment, Noah said, “Please know that we love you,” before shifting into silence.

According to the Daily Beast, Trevor Noah has ripped into the media for allowing Donald Trump to happen.

“Tonight we’re going to look at whether part of the responsibility for Donald Trump’s rise lies with the news media. Now it’s a complicated issue, with a lot of—I’m just playing, the answer’s yes. Yes, the media is responsible,” Noah claimed before criticizing CBS chief Les Moonves.

Donald Trump Media

However, CBS wasn’t Noah’s only target. He also criticized CNN, who gets 40 times its usual rate for ad placements during debates. Noah noted how the network just trains its cameras on empty podiums and blank curtains in anticipation of Trump’s arrival.

“Maybe these were, you know, slow news days. It’s not like the media turns its back on other perhaps more important news like the autopsy report of a young black woman who died in police custody,” Noah somewhat angrily continued.

Noah is trying to combine humor with grave seriousness. He did earn a lot of praise on Twitter this week.

Trevor Noah’s change of technique has earned him more viewers, but he still hasn’t convinced Comedy Central that they made the right choice. What do you think of Trevor Noah’s performance on The Daily Show? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]