Rudy Giuliani Says Hillary Clinton ‘Helped Create ISIS,’ Slams Obama Too

Former presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani has taken aim at both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama this week. Giuliani has been fairly vocal about his feelings of the two over the years, but his recent statements are making headlines all over the internet today because they are straightforward and quite bold.

For starters, Giuliani laid down some pretty serious words about Hillary Clinton, saying that she actually helped ISIS form. According to CNN, the harsh criticism came out during a sit-down with Bill O’Reilly.

Rudy Giuliani
Hillary Clinton (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“[Hillary] had her chance to (rally people against ISIS) — she helped create ISIS. Hillary Clinton could be considered a founding member of ISIS,” Giuliani said. “By being part of an administration withdrew from Iraq. By being part of an administration that let (Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki) run Iraq into the ground, so you forced the Shiites to make a choice. By not intervening in Syria at the proper time. By being part of an administration that drew twelve lines in the sand and made a joke out of it,” he added.

Rudy Giuliani has not yet endorsed a GOP candidate for president, though many believe that an endorsement for Donald Trump is well on its way. According to Newsmax, Giuliani recently narrowed down his choices, saying there’s no way he’d endorse Hillary Clinton and that Ted Cruz probably wasn’t going to get his support either.

“The way I look at it, there really are only three people who will be the next president of the United States. One’s Hillary Clinton, the other’s Donald Trump, and the third is Ted Cruz. So I’ll choose between those three. I’ll give you a hint: It won’t be Hillary Clinton. I seriously doubt it will be Ted Cruz. But I just want to think about it a little bit more before I do anything formally,” Giuliani explained.

During his chat with Bill O’Reilly, Rudy Giuliani praised both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on their positions when it comes to the war or terror. Hillary Clinton has been busy blasting the GOP’s stance on the issue, saying that Republicans would be “treating American Muslims like criminals” and “racially profiling” if they put their ideas to work from the Oval Office. Giuliani believes that the Republican frontrunners will be facing ISIS head on.

“I think Trump and Cruz probably have been the most specific on it, as specific as you would expect at this level of the campaign. There’s no question they will take the war to ISIS — exactly how they’d do it, they probably don’t know yet, until they get in there,” Giuliani said.

Rudy Giuliani also slammed President Barack Obama this week following the POTUS’ decision to stay in Cuba after the terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday. According to Daily Mail, Giuliani felt that the president should have flown back to Washington, D.C., upon getting word of the bombings. Staying in Cuba with his family, attending a baseball game, and “having fun,” should not have been Obama’s answer to the Brussels terror attack, according to the former mayor of New York.

Barack Obama
President Barack Obama (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

“You don’t send a picture of yourself laughing, while people have just been blown up at a level that… is the equivalent of September 11 to one of our allies,” Giuliani said.

Do you agree with Rudy Giuliani about Hillary Clinton helping form ISIS? Do you think President Obama should have ended his trip to Cuba following the terror attacks in Brussels? Sound off in the comments section below.

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