‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Renewed For Season 2, But Will We See A Whole New Cast?

The CW has recently confirmed that a Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow will be happening! But amidst the excitement for another season of time traveling adventure, one has to ask, who will be in it?

Den of Geek notes that the showrunners for Legends have made it pretty clear that not everyone from Season 1 will be making it out alive.

Of course, learning that not all of Season 1’s characters will be returning isn’t necessarily bad news, as the biggest weak spot of the show was its cast.

Movie Pilot gives some insight into what will happen to this season’s characters. Perhaps the easiest character to predict the future of is Captain Rip Hunter. First of all, he is responsible for creating the Legends of Tomorrow. He is the leader of the group who also happens to own Waverider, the time-traveling ship. With that in mind, it doesn’t make much sense for his to exit the show after only one season.

Another character who will possibly be moving on to Season 2 is The ATOM or Ray Palmer. Ray made his debut on Arrow, and could possibly rejoin Team Arrow, or go over to The Flash. But he belongs on Legends, and that makes him the most likely character to return alongside Captain Rip Hunter.

Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/The Atom [Image via The CW]
Ray Palmer/The Atom [Image via The CW]
The rest of the current characters are anybody’s guess. Some, like Firestorm, could return to The Flash, others, like White Canary, could have their own spin-off. But who is going to take these character’s places?

Movie Pilot has some theories. First up is John Constantine, who had a very small appearance on Arrow, and an awesome, but short-lived, series of his own. If there is a show that is suited for the Hellblazer, then Legends of Tomorrow is definitely it.

Another possible choice is Vixen, who recently helped Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) get his missing son back. But her role on the show was very short, and although her animated series was renewed for a second season, seeing more of Mari McCabe is always a good thing. But will she join present day Arrow, or join Legends for Season 2?

Vixen [Image via The CW]
Vixen [Image via The CW]
A few other Arrow characters might also be suiting up for Season 2. They include Nyssa al Ghul, who could use a new purpose now that the League of Assassins is over, or Connor Hawke, who fans saw on Arrow for the first time during the futuristic apocalypse of Star City. Of course, there’s also Mr. Terrific, who made his debut in this season of Arrow. But Arrow already has enough super heroes and villains on its plate, so having Curtis Holt on Legends instead makes sense.

Katrina Law as Nyssa Al Ghul
Nyssa al Ghul [Image via The CW]
Nevertheless, whoever does make it out of Season 1 alive and suits up for a second season, the show is still on track to be a major success.

According to Cinema Blend, Legends of Tomorrow was the CW’s highest-rated show in that particular time slot in over three years. The show brought in an impressive three million viewers.

Comparing the show in its time slot to other networks such as NBC and ABC, the first season of Legends managed to outperform its competition.

However, despite a strong start to the show, some feared that the show was too expensive to get renewed. But with all the heroes and villains previously seen on either Arrow or The Flash, Legends had a good foundation from which to gain viewers.

The show has also gained the attention from comic book lovers by drawing attention to lesser known characters like the original Red Tornado and Doctor Mid-Night, two characters who debuted in the 1940s.

Despite being renewed, a Season 2 premiere date hasn’t been established. But fans aren’t worried, and remain excited to see how the show with the most superheroes unfolds.

Tell us! Who do you want to see on season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments and check out a preview for the next all-new episode below.


[Image via The CW]

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